Resident Evil 7 Demo: Complete Secrets Walkthrough | Dirty Coin Guide


The Resident Evil 7 demo is filled with secrets, puzzles, and cryptic clues. What does it all mean? We’re going to wait until the full game is released in early 2017 before speculating too much, but we do know that the demo hides one awesome reward — a hidden item called the ‘Dirty Coin’ that can be transferred to the main game.

What does the Dirty Coin do? We have no idea, but rest assured, we’ll provide all the details on that mystery once we’ve got our infected fingers all over the complete version of Resident Evil 7. Until then, scroll down to find everything in the latest demo version. That includes giggle locations, murder sites, puzzle solutions and key items. Basically, we’re going to explain how to do everything. Because, when you do everything, you unlock the Dirty Coin.

Complete Secrets Walkthrough | Dirty Coin Guide

If you manage to 100% complete the Resident Evil 7 demo, a special reward plaque will appear on grandma’s rocking chair in a secret room. Interact with it to get this message:

“You’re the best ever!” — Item Transfer: Dirty Coin — You can transfer this item to the main game if you have saved data for this demo.

To get this coin, you’ll need to complete and collect everything available in the updated version of the Resident Evil 7 demo.

  • The Secret Room: To unlock the secret room, you’ll need to find five Notebook Entries and Murder Scenes before escaping the house.
    • The secret room door appears to the right of the ladder in the attic escape room.

That’s how you unlock the secret room, but what about the endings?

  • How to Get the True Ending: Escape the house without getting infected by the monster in the basement.
    • You’ll get a different ending if you are infected.

Here’s everything you need to do, in order, and simplified.


Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Note: Depending on the order you complete these steps, you’ll also earn different endings.

  1. Get the Blank Notebook: To unlock the Dirty Coin, you’ll need to complete the notebook.
    • After leaving the first room, go through the door on the right.
    • Go left down the hallway and look on the table with a lamp.
    • Open the drawer to find the Blank Notebook. To unlock entries, check out the five “Giggle” locations listed in the entry below.
  2. Fuse Box Puzzle: In the first room, get the fuse and put it in the fuse box. You’ll need the fuse box active to enter the attic.
    • Use the secret lever in the fireplace to open a secret door.
    • Collect the fuse through the open wall panel.
    • Insert the fuse in the fuse box.
  3. Get the Basement Key: The Basement Key is found in the attic area.
    • To get inside the attic, make sure the fuse has been inserted into the fuse box in the first room.
    • Go to the second floor. At the top of the stairs, press the button to lower the attic steps when the power is active.
    • The key is found on a table in the room with the ladder.
  4. Get the Attic Window Key: This key is found in the basement, in the room with hanging bodies.
    • Unlock the basement door with the Basement Key found in the attic, then enter the white door.
    • In the room with the hanging bodies, look next to the doll on the high shelf to find the key.
    • A monster will spawn right as you approach the key.
  5. How to Escape the Basement Room: The monster that spawns will infect you while the door is held closed. It attacks once you step toward the shelve. To avoid it, sprint to the key and back.
    • To escape, use the hanging body to push the monster and slow it down.
    • Interact with the door while the monster is stunned to force it open.
  6. Escape the House: Now that you have the Attic Window Key, you can escape. Save this step for last — complete the optional steps below to unlock the secret room and get the Dirty Coin.
    • Climb the ladder in the attic and unlock the window to escape.
    • If you were infected, you won’t get the true ending to the demo.

How to Unlock the Secret Room & Get the Dirty Coin

  1. Play the VHS Tape: 
    1. Get the Bolt Cutters from the mud room past the kitchen. It is embedded in a disgusting corpse.
    2. Use the Bolt Cutters on the sealed dresser in the hallway connecting the kitchen to the mud room.
    3. The VCR is found in the starting room near the TV that only displays static. Interact and use the VHS to watch the tape.
    4. This will initiate a flashback to a TV show recording. To unlock the Dirty Coin, you’ll need to complete this sequence and unlock the final Notebook Entry / giggle.
  2. Get the Red Valve: The valve is located in the basement. Get the attic Basement Key to access the area.
    • Beware the monster in the basement. Whether you get infected or not will alter the ending.
    • In the basement, enter the white door and grab the key from the stretcher in the room with hanging bodies.
    • The red valve can be used in the bathroom, but is not required to unlock the secret room. Use the valve on the pipe to the left of the toilet. Now you can flush the toilet and get the handgun.
  3. Get the Hand Axe: To unlock a shelf in the kitchen where the axe is located, you’ll need the lockpick.
    • Find the lockpick in the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and look near the water heater.
    • Return to the kitchen and use the lockpick on the blue drawer.
  4. Collect the Dummy Finger & Hand: The Dummy Finger / Hand are required items.
    • Find the finger in a shelf in the first floor stairwell room, to the left as you exit the first room.
    • Find the hand hidden behind debris in the attic, to the right of the ladder and left of scratchy writing.
  5. Use the Dummy Hand to Point At Objects: As you progress, you’ll need to point at different objects in the environment with the assembled Dummy Finger + Dummy Hand. Combine the items and examine to point. Each point is a former murder scene, and you’ll hear sounds related to the killing after pointing.
    • Murder Scene #1: Point at the fallen book case over the front door. You’ll hear a sound if done successfully.
    • Murder Scene #2: After escaping from the monster, return to the basement room with the dead bodies. Point at the wrapped body on the stretcher.
    • Murder Scene #3: Enter the room beneath the entrance stairs and point at the boarded-up door. Crouch and then point, or point downward toward the bottom of the door.
    • Murder Scene #4: In the attic, point at the black pipe / loose wires in the corner opposite the exit ladder.
    • Murder Scene #5: Point at the disgusting pot in the middle of the kitchen. You may need to interact with the pot first.
  6. Listen to the Hidden Giggles: There are six hidden giggles you’ll need to hear to unlock the Dirty Coin. Each giggle adds an entry to the notebook.
    • Notebook Entry #1: In the Attic, go to the room with the ladder. To the right of the ladder, examine the writing.
    • Notebook Entry #2: After collecting the VHS tape, go to the end of the hall in the attic to the barred door.
    • Notebook Entry #3: Attack the paintings in the entrance room with the axe — specifically, the paintings at the bottom of the stairs, on the right wall.
    • Notebook Entry #4: In the room beneath the first floor stairs, exit while facing the mirror and do a quickturn spin to face the room with the hanging doll figures / boarded door.
    • Notebook Entry #5: This giggle is found after the VHS tape flashback. Use the Bolt Cutters on the locked cabinet to get the VHS Tape and insert it into the VCR on the TV in the starting room.
      • After completing the VHS Tape flashback (entering the basement through the secret door), you’ll need to sprint to the basement.
      • Return to the area where the Attic Key was located and look to the floor where there is a discarded doll. Look at it and crouch near it. If you’re quick, you’ll hear a giggle.
      • Note: If you do not get a giggle after 30-60 seconds after completing the flashback, you may have to redo this section.
    • Notebook Entry #6: The final giggle occurs when you collect the Dirty Coin from the “You’re the best ever!” plaque in the hidden room.

The Dirty Coin is found in the secret room, to the right of the escape ladder in the attic. Complete the demo and keep your save file after the main game drops to collect something special.

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