Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – How to Open Every Lock | Lock Pick Locations

Another sneaky lock pick hiding spot discovered.

Don’t you hate stumbling into locked containers in Resident Evil 7? We’re all about opening (and stealing) everything we see on the Baker Farm. That’s why we’re compiling a list of all the hidden lock picks in RE7. These valuable little tools allow you to crack open any sealed container, and keeping a handful of these bad-boys handy means you’ll have access to some bonus items further down the line.

Unfortunately, these suckers are pretty rare. They seem to be the most rare reoccurring item we’ve come across so far in RE7 (not counting the separating agent) — so finding enough to open those locked containers can be a real pain. Every time a lock pick is used, it is consumed, so there’s no re-using picks here. Just keep scrolling to find a gallery and descriptions for each location we’ve found.

How to Open Every Lock | Lock Pick Locations

Lock picks are rare items you’ll find that can open locked drawers, shelves or boxes found throughout the Baker Estate. They can be tricky to find, and they’re very limited — although there are enough lock picks to open all the locks.

After discovering a lock that requires a lock pick, you’ll see the box marked with a lock icon on the map. Keep this in mind, and return to locked boxes later after you’ve picked up more lock picks.


Lock Pick #1: “Derelict House” Video Tape — One of the trickiest lock picks to collect, this is found on the ground right next to your camera man as the doomed VHS tape starts playing. Use it on the blue cabinet in the kitchen to get an Antique Coin. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it after leaving the Guest House.

Lock Pick #2: Main House 1F, Laundry — Inside the orange box on the shelves in the laundry room. Inspect it, then turn the object to so the opening mechanism faces you. Interact to open it and collect the hidden lock pick.

Lock Pick #3: Processing Area — Near the Scorpion key, look in the open freezer. There’s a blue plastic bin that contains this key.

Lock Pick #4: Yard — On the steps near the Dog’s Head door, look for a small vase. Interact and look inside to spot a hidden lock pick.

Lock Pick #5: Old House 1F — Inside an orange box on the tray, on the deck outside the Dining Room.

Lock Pick #6: Old House 2F, Master Bedroom — In an orange box on the vanity.

Lock Pick #7: Old House 2F, Kid’s Room — On the wall-mounted shelf in the back-right corner. Look in the small vase to get this lock pick.

More coming soon! Let us know if there’s a lock pick we missed.

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