Speedrunner Beats Resident Evil 7 In Under Two Hours

Watch live video from Stirliing on www.twitch.tv

Resident Evil 7 just released to the masses earlier this week and already gamers are quickly finishing up the video game title. In fact, there are already a few gamers who is taking on Resident Evil 7 as a speed run challenge. One gamer has already set the record by completing the survival-horror video game title in just less than two hours.

As mentioned, Resident Evil 7 just launched earlier this week on January 24, 2017, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Set in a first-person perspective, gamers are encouraged to slowly take their time and explore the areas as they progress through the game.

Overall, players take on the role of Ethan, a protagonist who finds himself exploring the home of the oddity Baker family for his missing wife Mia, three years after her disappearance. Much like the previous installments within the Resident Evil franchise, gamers must battle against a wide variety of monsters, explore areas, collect items, and solve puzzles.

All of this for a new player should take about ten hours to complete according to previous statements made by development team Capcom. However, for someone like Stirliing, who has already completed the game, having prior knowledge of the level layouts, gamers can complete the video game title in under two hours.

Starting out a new game as a New Game Plus which gives gamers access to the Albert-01 pistol, Stirliing was able to make quick work with boss fights. Likewise, the streamer was able to quickly bypass areas that are not necessary to complete in order to advance with the game story.

With a completion title of 1:51:02 an already impressive feat, it’s only a matter of time before someone is able to smash that record especially if more glitches or tricks are discovered. Take a look at the full stream of the speed run posted above if you don’t mind spoiling the video game title.