Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – Herbs Guide | All Healing Item Locations

Low on health? Grind up an herb. Resident Evil 7 sees the return of those traditional herbs — plants in the environment with healing properties. They can be mixed in a variety of ways to produce differing effects, and we’re going to show where you can get them all. Leave no herb (or healing item) un-collected!

This is a survival horror game, and there’s nothing worse than completely running out of herbs. Healing items are the lifeblood of any of these game — it’s all about staying alive until you can get your hands on more. It helps to conserve your precious health items, but it’s even better knowing where to get all the ones you might’ve missed.

Check out the guide below. We’ll keep this article updated with new entries as we play.

Herbs Guide | All Healing Item Locations

Herbs have two uses in RE7; you can use them instantly to heal a small amount of health, or combine them with Chem Fluids to create First Aid Meds.

There are enough herbs scattered across the Baker Estate that you won’t need to convert them all into First Aid Meds, but it helps to save a few to create more powerful healing items you can use on-the-fly. Herbs can only be administered from the item menu.


Guest House – Healing Items

  1. First Aid Med: Guest House 1F, Bathroom — On the cabinet next to the sink.
  2. First Aid Med: Guest House 1F, Bathroom — In the drawer to the left of the sink.
  3. First Aid Med: Guest House 2F, Attic — In the first room on the right as you enter the attic.

Main House 1F – Healing Items

  1. Herb: Main House 1F, Kitchen — In the waist basket.
  2. Herb: Main House 1F, Laundry Room — Inside the filing cabinet with a Chem Fluid.
  3. First Aid Med: Main House 1F, Hallway — In the locked drawer near the Dining Room doors. Use a lockpick to access it.
  4. First Aid Med: Main House 1F, Garage — In the corner locker.
  5. Herb: Main House 1F, Garage — On the yellow tool shelves near the entrance door.
  6. Herb: Main House 1F, Main Hall — On the wooden table with the “Shoot me Shoot me!!” note.
  7. Herb: Main House 1F, Drawing Room — In the corner planter.

Main House 2F – Healing Items

  1. Herb: Main House 2F, Hallway — Down the hall, in the drawer opposite the Bathroom door.
  2. Herb: Main House 2F, Master Bedroom — In the dresser to the right as you enter.
  3. Herb: Main House 2F, Supples — On the shelves in the closet of the Master Bedroom.

Processing Area – Healing Items

  1. Herb: Processing Area — In a metal cage near the Scorpion Key.
  2. Herb: Processing Area — Just outside the Boiler Room door, in the wall with the missing bricks.
  3. Herb: Processing Area — In a locker outside the Morgue entrance, taking the hall from the Dissetion Room.

Yard – Healing Items

  1. Herb: Yard — In a pot to the left as you leave the Main Hall and enter the Yard.

Old House – Healing Items

  1. First Aid Med: Old House 1F, Dining Room — In the locked drawer on the kitchen counter. Use a lockpick to access it.
  2. Herb: Old House 1F, Water Station — On the shelf to the left as you enter. Same room where you’ll find the Burner Nozzle.
  3. First Aid Med: Old House 1F, Outhouse — In the sink outside the Outhouse, across the drawbridge once it is raised with the crank.
  4. Herb: Old House 1F — Trash bin near where you exit after crawling through the tight space, available after completing the projector puzzle.
  5. Herb (x2): Old House 2F, Greenhouse — In the first room of the Greenhouse, before dropping down into the hole.
  6. Herb: Old House 1F, Greenhouse — In the dirt, next to a First Aid Med.
  7. First Aid Med: Old House 1F, Greenhouse — Next to a fallen pot, in the dirt by the above herb.
  8. Herb: Old House 2F, Greenhouse — In the cabinet near the top of the stairs.

Testing Area

  1. Herb: Testing Area 2F — After the exploding television, find this herb in the first hallway.
  2. Herb: Testing Area 2F — In the Fat Molded arena. Get it on the upper level, on a shelf.

Boat House

  1. Herb: Boat House 1F — On a chair near the bottom of the stairs to Mia/Zoe’s room.
  2. First Aid Med: Boat House 2F — In one of the boss arena corners.

Wrecked Ship

  1. Herb: Ship 2F (Old Videotape) — On the table in the Bunk room.
  2. Herb: Ship 2F (Old Videotape) — In the large wash basin in the Kitchen.
  3. Herb: Ship S2 (Old Videotape) — At the first set of double doors, look in the pile of plastic bins.
  4. Herb: Ship S2 (Old Videotape) — In the locked supply closet. Use one of the Corrosives to open it.
  5. Herb: Wrecked Ship 3F, Control Room — On the desk in the Control Room.
  6. Herb: Wrecked Ship 4F — In a locker near the stairwell.
  7. Herb: Wrecked Ship 1F, Stock Room — In the cabinet.
  8. First Aid Med: Wrecked Ship 1F — In a crate, in the supply room connected to the Bunk Room.
  9. Herb: Wrecked Ship 2F, Lounge — Stuck in the couch in the Lounge.


  1. Herb: Swamp — Look behind the large crane. There’s an orange box containing an herb.

Salt Mine

  1. Herb: Salt Mine — In a crate, inside the derelict elevator shaft chamber filled with tripwire bombs.
  2. Herb x2: Salt Mine — On the desk, in the first room of the Secret Lab.
  3. Herb: Abandoned Mine — As you enter the brown, decrepit section of the mine, look in the first alcove up the curved path.
  4. Strong First Aid Med: Abandoned Mine — In the arena where you encounter two Fat Molded. It’s inside the crate to the left of the entrance.
  5. Strong First Aid Med: Abandoned Mine — In a crate next to the Save Point after leaving the Fat Molded arena.

More coming soon.

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