Resident Evil 7: Biohazard – The Big Gun Guide | All Weapon Locations

Weapons alone won’t save you in Resident Evil 7 biohazard… but they’ll certainly help. Guns are still a big part of Capcom’s premier survival-horror franchise, even if their use has diminished in RE7.

Instead of your only means of defense, guns are now a last resort for slowing down unkillable hunters, or for dealing with minor threats. You’ll get your standard pistol, shotgun, and other more exotic weapons as you explore, and to help keep you stocked up, we’re going to list all the weapon item locations for Resident Evil 7.

Like any good survival horror, there’s a limited supply of ammo. Your inventory is also limited, but you can always drop off extra bullets at the helpful item boxes where all items are shared, across all other boxes — think of it as an interdimensional inventory.

Check out the guide below. We’ll keep this article updated with new entries as we play.

Weapons Guide | All Guns & Ammo Locations

M19 Handgun

  • Location: Guest House 2F, Attic
  • Requirements: N/A

Available in the first room on the right as you enter the attic. Next to a box of bullets and a first aid med bottle.


  • Location: Main House 1F
  • Requirements: N/A

Given by the Deputy through the window. You can’t miss it.

G17 Handgun

  • Location: Main House 1F, Garage
  • Requirements: N/A

Found in the garage during the first Jack boss fight. Grab the Deputy’s lost gun off the ground during the battle.

M37 Shotgun

  • Location: Main House 1F, Main Hall
  • Requirements: Broken Shotgun, Scorpion Key

The powerful Shotgun is tantalizingly close early in the story, but you won’t be able to take it until much later. Once you’re able to open the door to Grandma’s Room (with the Scorpion Key) on the second floor, you’ll gain access to the Broken Shotgun. Take it, and return to the Main Hall. Now you can take the working Shotgun, and place the Broken Shotgun in the soldier statue’s hands.

M19 Handgun

  • Location: Yard, Trailer
  • Requirements: Broken Handgun, Repair Kit

After opening the Dog’s Head door, you can almost-immediately collect the upgraded M19 Handgun. To do it, you’ll need two parts — the Broken Handgun, and the Repair Kit. Here’s where to get them both.

  • Broken Handgun: Found in the Trailer, in the Yard area. Look on the bed to collect it.
  • Repair Kit: Also in the Yard. Look between the two sets of steps on the back porch. There’s a piece of sheet metal you can interact with. Remove it and smash the crate in the crawlspace to get the Repair Kit.

Combine the Broken Handgun with the Repair Kit to get the M19 Handgun. It’s more powerful than the standard handgun, but it comes with less bullets — there are only 7 in the magazine.


  • Location: Old House
  • Requirements: N/A

To get the flamethrower, you’ll need to find and combine two components in the Old House.

  • Burner Grip: Found in a trash can on the deck outside the Gallery, near the bridge to the Save Room.
  • Burner Nozzle: Located in the Water Station of the Old House.

Combine both parts to create the flamethrower. This item is required to progress further into the Old House.

44 MAG

  • Location: Yard, Trailer
  • Requirements: 9 Antique Coins

This bonus powerhouse pistol is only available if you collect 9 Antique Coins and spend them in the Yard. The trailer save room features several bird cages with items inside — use your saved coins to unlock this cage to get the 44 MAG.

Grenade Launcher

  • Location: Main House 1F, Supplies
  • Requirements: Crow Key

After acquiring the Crow Key, return to the Drawing Room on the first floor of the Main House. The Grenade Launcher is inside the supply closet, ready to be picked up.

M21 Shotgun

  • Location: Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room
  • Requirements: Scorpion Key, Broken Shotgun, Repair Kit

The M21 Shotgun is an upgraded version of the standard shotgun. It’s stronger, but getting it can be pretty tricky. You’ll need the Broken Shotgun and a hard-to-find Repair Kit. Let’s get started tracking these items down.

  • Broken Shotgun: Found in Main House 2F, Grandma’s Room. It’s to the left of the window. It’s likely you’ll find it on your own, but if you missed it (and the M37 Shotgun) that’s where you’ll find it.
    • It is accessible after getting the Scorpion Key from the Processing Area.
    • If you’ve already placed the Broken Shotgun in the soldier statue puzzle, use the Model Shotgun from the Attic to swap it out.
  • Repair Kit: Available after you find both Keycards (Red and Blue) to enter the Testing Ground. To get it, you’ll need to get the third Treasure Map.
    • The third Treasure Map is located in Main House 3F, Attic — you’ll need to solve the Kid’s Room puzzle and collect the Snake Key to get inside.
    • The Treasure Map points to a location in Lucas’ party zone, called the Testing Area. Follow the linear path to Testing Area 2F, and look in the third room for a cage in the corner sporting a mannequin head on top.
    • Get to the Treasure Map location to collect the second Repair Kit. It’s right behind the head.

Combine the Broken Shotgun with the Repair Kit to create the M21 Shotgun. It only carries two shells, but they’re much more powerful. This weapon is a must for the difficult final stretch of the game.

MPM Handgun

  • Location: Wrecked Ship 1F, Maintenance Room
  • Requirements: N/A

This standard pistol is available in the lower-left office in the first floor of the Wrecked Ship. It’s easy to miss, so don’t skip over it. Go there as soon as you can.

P19 Machine Gun

  • Location: Wrecked Ship 4F, Captain’s Cabin
  • Requirements: Captain’s Cabin Locker Key, Corrosive

This powerful automatic weapon is available in a locker. To get it, you’ll need a special key. This weapon transfers to Ethan after completing the Wrecked Ship.

  • Find a free dose of Corrosive in the Wrecked Ship 2F, Guest Room.
    • There are three more in the Lounge if you can solve the puzzle.
  • The Captain’s Cabin Locker Key is located behind the locked door in Wrecked Ship 2F. Burn the lock with corrosive and find the key on the desk.

Return to the Captain’s Cabin with the Locker Key to successfully collect this powerful weapon.

Survival Knife

  • Location: Wrecked Ship 2F
  • Requirements: N/A

The knife is in the bench, just outside the elevator doors on Wrecked Ship 2F. You’ll desperately need to collect it if you want to survive in the Wrecked Ship for long. It transfers to Ethan after completing the area.

Circular Saw

  • Location: N/A
  • Requirements: Complete in under 4 hours.

This ultra-powerful melee weapon is only available if you can complete the main story in four hours or less. You’ll need to memorize every puzzle and item location to speedrun RE7 and death will only slow you down. Some fans have been able to complete the game in under 2 hours, so 4 hours is very possible, even for casual RE players.

That’s every gun / weapon available (for now) in RE7. Happy hunting!

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