Paper Mario: The Origami King – Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle Walkthrough

The final streamer is smashed in Paper Mario: The Origami King. This is the most treacherous dungeon yet, with multiple boss fights against strange opponents — there are new gimmicks to learn in battle, and a couple puzzles to solve. It’s a short area, but you’ll want to come stocked with multiple Legendary Hammers and Boots. Just to be safe.

Bowser’s Castle is overrun with Folded Soldiers, and the evil Scissors rules this area. The dual-bladed duelist slices anyone that gets in his way, and his boss battle is pretty intimidating. Along with regular Folded Soldiers, you’ll also fight new Cutaway Soldiers, and a devious serpentine boss that tries to steal your pal Olivia away. Here’s how to handle everything in the game.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Table Of Contents:

Red Streamer Region: Pt. 1: Finding The Soul Seed | Whispering Woods | Pt. 2: Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Toad | Pt. 3: Saving Luigi | Graffiti Underground | Pt. 4: Tons Of Hidden Toads | Picnic Road | Pt. 5: All 4 Shell Stone Locations | Overlook Mountain | Pt. 6: Fighting the First Boss | Earth Vellumental Temple | Pt. 7: Cutting The Red Streamer | Overlook Tower

Blue Streamer Region: Pt. 8: Reach The Water Shrine | Autumn Mountain | Pt. 9: Save Bobby & Unlock The Shrine | Chestnut Valley | Pt. 10: Defeat The Guardian | Water Vellumental Shrine | Pt. 11: Save The Staff & Get The Bone | Shogun Studios | Pt. 12: Save Luigi & Get The Master Key | Ninja Attraction | Pt. 13: Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater

Yellow Streamer Region: Pt. 14: Saving Olivia | The Princess Peach | Pt. 15: Unlocking The Fire Cave | Scorching Sandpaper Desert | Pt. 16: All 4 Tower Jewels | Fire Vellumental Cave | Pt. 17: Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms

Purple Streamer Region: Pt. 18: How To Find Diamond Island | The Great Sea | Pt. 19: All 3 Sacred Orbs | Diamond Island | Pt. 20: Cutting The Purple Streamer | Sea Tower

Green Streamer Region: Pt. 21: Visit All 5 Hot Springs | Shangri-Spa | Pt. 22: Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle

Peach’s Castle: Pt. 23: Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon

Bowser’s Castle Walkthrough

The castle is overrun with Folded Soldiers! Thankfully Kamek’s pep-talk got the entire minion workforce ready for a fight. They burst into the castle and start brawling, opening a path for Mario and pals to reach the second floor. It’s a clear path to the Save Block where Bowser Jr. is beating down the boss door.

Quest: Get The Bowser’s Castle Key

At the boss door on the second floor, you’ll find Bowser Jr. can’t get through. You need to find Kamek’s Spare Key in his quarters — go back down and enter the door on the right side.

  • Battle Tip: If you encounter any enemies here, you only need to defeat Folded Soldiers! Don’t worry about all the regular paper minions — you can ignore them. They don’t need to be defeated or lined up.

For every battle encounter in the ballroom, you’ll earn 1,000 coins. That’s a big reward! Very handy if you unlock the Legendary Shop in Shangri-Spa. Buy up all the gear you need for this dungeon.

Through the right door, Kamek will help Mario clear the rubble in his path. Until he mysteriously disappears before the hallway full of rooms.

  • Collectible Treasure: Paper Macho Chain Chomp – Located in the second door of the East Wing of Bowser’s Castle.
  • Collectible Treasure: Paper Macho Piranha Plant – In the fifth room of the corridor, look behind the treasure chest instead of inside it. There’s an enemy hiding inside!

At Kamek’s Corridor, you can get collectible treasures in the second and fifth room. The fourth room contains a hidden block with a Shiny Hurlhammer — it’s behind the fallen chair.

How To Find Kamek’s Room: Kamek’s Room is the third door in the East Wing hallway. But there’s no door! To make it appear, hit the wall where the door should be three times with your hammer. The King Ollie portrait will fall and reveal a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.

Use the Magic Circle to reveal the door, and you’ll find a surprise in Kamek’s Room. It’s Luigi! And he’s got the [Key To Bowser’s Castle]! Your bro won’t stay for long. He’ll run off, and a strange specter will grab Olivia. Back the way you came, you’ll encounter a swarm of Big Cutout Soldiers.

The Big Cutout Soldiers are normal, but the Small Cutout Soldiers have a weird gimmick — they’re unfolded acoss multiple rows of the ring arena! Turn the ring to fold them back into a single shape. If you’re struggling to solve these, just try to line up at least two or three to defeat more per turn.

Continue back upstairs to the Save Block and unlock the big door to Bowser’s Castle. Ahead, you’ll encounter another boss!

Boss: Handaconda

This is the creature that captured Olivia. Annoyingly, this creature flicks away Attack tiles near it — instead, you need to attack from one ring away. You can’t attack too close or too far. You can only attack with the Hammer — Boot attacks will automatically get countered.

Attack with the outer edge of your Hammer’s range! Try to aim for a x2 Damage Tile to boost your attack, and use a Legendary Hammer to really smash this boss. Do enough damage and you’ll free Olivia so you can use all those Magic Circles.

But there’s another wrinkle to the fight. Once Olivia is free, the Handaconda will transform all the Magic Circles into Rock / Paper / Scissors tiles. If you win, you’ll score a Rush Attack against the boss. The trick is picking the right move.

The boss will always have it’s next move visible. Look closely at the hand to see which it’s about to use — rock, paper, or scissors. If you don’t know how to play, here are the counters for each type.

  • Rock Beats Scissors
  • Scissors Beats Paper
  • Paper Beats Rock

The hand will grow larger after each loss, so it’s easier to see which symbol the Handaconda will use next. Check that hand and counter appropriately! For example — if the Hand is Scissors (two raised fingers), you need to land on the Rock tile. If the Hand is Rock (a closed fist), you need to land on the Paper tile. Score three victories, and this boss is beat!

Defeat the boss and continue into the next room. Use the Save Block before approaching the Green Streamer, because Mario has to face-off against the guardian — Scissors!

Before the boss battle begins, you’ll have to defeat Scissors’s Paper Macho monster. Smash the flying Koopa heads with your hammer, then dodge the magic attacks. Pull Kamek’s sticker off the monster’s nose — it’ll take three pulls, and after each attempt, the Paper Macho monster will launch more magic spells before stunning itself.

When Kamek is free, you can use normal hammer attacks to defeat the Buzzy Beetle. Just smack the underside, then hit it a few more times to win. But your reward is just a duel against the big boss of the region.

Boss: Scissors

Scissors immediately sheathes his blades — and we don’t want to damage the cover! To avoid doing damage to the sheath, make sure to only use the appropriate attack to hit the handle only. Use Hammer attacks if the Handle is low, and use Boot attacks if the Handle is high.

To make the first part end faster, grab the chest and collect +1 Action or x2 Damage tiles to boost your attack power. Do enough damage, and Scissors will unsheathe anyway.

When it becomes unsheathed, it will charge its super attack! Scissors also cuts away all the Magic Circles — you can’t do anything to stop it this turn. Go for the chest to spawn new Magic Circles and aim for a hammer attack. While it is charging, you can still damage it.

How To Dodge: To avoid damage from Scissors’s super attack, press [A] right as it’s about to cut to jump over the attack! Mario will safely avoid it!

To do insane damage to Scissors, freeze it with an Ice Vellumental attack, then use 1,000-Fold Arms on the iced pair of clippers.

Another boss done. Use the Magic Circle to smash the Green Streamer. It’s the last streamer — so Peach’s Castle is finally free! But reaching it is another story.

Quest: How To Reach Peach’s Castle

Go back downstairs to the first floor of Bowser’s Castle and enter the left room. There’s a simple laser puzzle you have to solve to get inside the vault — hit the red switch in the lower-left, and connect the lasers to the red light on the upper-right.

To solve the puzzle, just follow the picture above. Hit the statues to direct the light just like that, and you’ll unlock the vault.

  • Laser Puzzle Solution: Starting from the Lower-Left -> Right -> Right -> Up -> Left -> Left -> Up -> Right -> Right -> Up
  • Collectible Treasure: Cutout Soldiers – Inside Bowser’s Vault, go right to find this chest.

Inside the vault, travel left and press the big red button with your hammer to unleash Bowser’s Airship! This is the perfect ride to storm Peach’s Castle. Stop at the Save Block, and buy some healing / legendary weapons at Shangri-Spa before heading out on your final adventure.