Paper Mario: The Origami King – Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms Walkthrough

The Temple of Shrooms is the longest dungeon yet in Paper Mario: The Origami King. There are two mini-quests you’ll have to complete, and both are puzzling enough that players of all-ages might need a few hints to help them solve. Then there’s the big boss waiting at the end, and he’s the trickiest battle yet.

If you’re looking for help to find all the missing Toads in the Temple of Shrooms, where to find all the DJ Discs, or how to defeat the big boss guarding the Yellow Streamer, we’ve got all the solutions below. This is a classic dungeon that’s full of traps, secrets, and hidden passageways. It’s easy to get lost, and even easier to get confused.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Table Of Contents:

Red Streamer Region: Pt. 1: Finding The Soul Seed | Whispering Woods | Pt. 2: Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Toad | Pt. 3: Saving Luigi | Graffiti Underground | Pt. 4: Tons Of Hidden Toads | Picnic Road | Pt. 5: All 4 Shell Stone Locations | Overlook Mountain | Pt. 6: Fighting the First Boss | Earth Vellumental Temple | Pt. 7: Cutting The Red Streamer | Overlook Tower

Blue Streamer Region: Pt. 8: Reach The Water Shrine | Autumn Mountain | Pt. 9: Save Bobby & Unlock The Shrine | Chestnut Valley | Pt. 10: Defeat The Guardian | Water Vellumental Shrine | Pt. 11: Save The Staff & Get The Bone | Shogun Studios | Pt. 12: Save Luigi & Get The Master Key | Ninja Attraction | Pt. 13: Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater

Yellow Streamer Region: Pt. 14: Saving Olivia | The Princess Peach | Pt. 15: Unlocking The Fire Cave | Scorching Sandpaper Desert | Pt. 16: All 4 Tower Jewels | Fire Vellumental Cave | Pt. 17: Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms

Purple Streamer Region: Pt. 18: How To Find Diamond Island | The Great Sea | Pt. 19: All 3 Sacred Orbs | Diamond Island | Pt. 20: Cutting The Purple Streamer | Sea Tower

Green Streamer Region: Pt. 21: Visit All 5 Hot Springs | Shangri-Spa | Pt. 22: Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle

Peach’s Castle: Pt. 23: Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon

Temple of Shrooms Walkthrough

Prepare for a trek into a trap-filled dungeon! Restock on Flashy / Shiny weapons and Mushrooms — I also recommend grabbing a 1-Up Mushroom before facing off against the big-time Guardian boss.

How To Open The Double Shroom Door: In the second room, you’ll encounter a locked door. Use Professor Toad’s dig ability on the left-most plot of sand to reveal a 1,000-Fold Arms! Use it to create stairs! Up top, stand on the little platform held by the statue and read the text.

While Professor Toad is translating, go stand on the right statue platform to unlock the door. Weave through the spooky hallways ahead until you reach the Save Block, then you’ll encounter a pair of Paper Macho Goombas! Don’t worry, you can defeat them just like the old ones — they just take a few more hits. Start by smacking the sticker on their backs.

Past those Paper Macho Goombas, you’ll enter a small room where a Toad is being swarmed by spiders. Squish all the spiders and you’ll encounter a scary Toad that’s been hole-punched! Nothing you can do here but keep going deeper into the dungeon.

How To Solve The Tomb Door: To open the sarcophagus door, hit the four switches in this order: 1, 4, 2, 3. Hit the switches depending on the number of lit-up triangles — so hit the buttons in this exact sequence.

  • Puzzle Buttons: Upper-Left, Bottom-Left, Upper-Right, Bottom-Right

Before leaving this area, there are some Hidden Toads and treasures to collect. You’ll also want to beware enemies — like Boos! All Hidden Toads you find won’t count just yet. You’ll be required to come back and pick these toads up later.

  • How To Beat Boos: Boos are annoying enemies that hide after you see them! If you didn’t memorize their locations, you can hold [Y] to summon Toads. Pay coins until the meter turns gold. That ways the Toads will reveal the Boos for you.
  • Collectible Treasure: Fire Vellumental Statue – Found in the room to the right of the sarcophagus door puzzle. Crack open the wall and loot the lower chest.
  • DJ Disc: Heartbeat Skipper – Found in the left room from the sarcophagus door puzzle.
  • Hidden Toad: Found in the upper level chest of the right room from the sarcophagus door puzzle.
  • Hidden Toad: Three drop down after taking the stairs up from the sarcophagus door. Don’t forget to pull them down!

Continue deeper until you reach a hallway with falling statues. Halfway through, one of the falling statues will reveal a doorway. Go back to the door and enter to discover a strange puzzle.

  • Hidden Toad: Again, you’ll find three Hidden Toads in this room. Smack all the pegs holding the three hidden toads down in this room.
  • DJ Disc: In the hallway with the falling statues, make sure to drop the last statue down the hall to reveal this disc.

How To Solve The Peg Puzzle: To solve the puzzle, hit all the pegs in the shape of a star on the left side of the room. Only hit the ones in the star pattern! If you get it wrong, stand on the button near the entrance to reset.

If you hit all the correct pegs, the steps will raise up. You can exit upstairs and encounter some annoying Folded Soldiers guarding the disco. At the top, the boss will only open the doors once you’ve found all four music tracks.

Quest: Find All Four DJ Discs

Here’s where to find all four DJ Discs. You might only need one, but you may need all four.

  • DJ Disc: Heartbeat Skipper – Found in the left room from the sarcophagus door puzzle.
  • DJ Disc: Deep, Deep Vibes – In the hallway with the falling statues, make sure to drop the last statue down the hall to reveal this disc.
  • DJ Disc: M-A-X Power – From the disco room, take the lower stairs down to the sarcophagus room. Hit the lower-right sarcophagus with a hammer to find this disc.
  • DJ Disc: Thrills At Night – To find the last DJ disc, go to the bottom-right corner of the sarcophagus room and hit the fire brazier with your hammer to move it up into the empty slot. A secret door will open, leading to a hallway. At the end of the hall, hit the statue with your hammer to make a 1,000-Fold Arms circle appear. Use it to safely gain the disc!

NOTE: In the hallway with the last DJ Disc, you can also use your hammer on a left button to create a shortcut.

Return to the DJ with all four DJ Discs. Give him one — I gave him the ‘Thrills At Night‘ disc — and he’ll give you a portable boom box. Use it to collect all the hidden toads we’ve found already! You’ll need to find 40 Toads, so let’s go hunting.

Quest: Bring 40 Faceless Toads To The Disco

To unlock the boss, you need to bring 40 Faceless Toads to the Disco dance floor. Let’s go back and grab all the Toads we’ve found already, and unlock some we couldn’t reach until now.

  • Faceless Toads x6: There are six in the disco room! Grab them from the spinning paper macho statues.
  • Faceless Toad x1: In the sarcophagus room with the four buttons.
  • Faceless Toad x1: Go through the cracked door to the right of the sarcophagus door puzzle room. On the upper floor, there’s a toad in the chest.
  • Faceless Toad x3: In the long hallway above the sarcophagus puzzlr door.
  • Faceless Toad x3: Three more are in the peg puzzle room.
  • Faceless Toad x1: Inside the lower-left moon sarcophagus in the room with lots of sarcophaguses.
  • Faceless Toad x1: Inside the upside-down U shaped sarcophagus, in the top-right. Look for shaking sarcophaguses!
  • Faceless Toads x24: To find these toads, push open the Moon Sarcophagus (with at least 10 toads) — go 1 above the sun symbol, and three over to find a moon symbol. Down below, there are ton of toads in a spider-web. Push open the crown symbol sarcophagus to gain a Super Star and use it to defeat all the spiders! Use the 1,000-Fold Arms circle to free these toads.

MAX HP UP +10: After collecting 10 Faceless Toads, push open the heart sarcophagus in the room full of coffins.

  • Collectible Treasure: Temple of Shrooms – Dig in the small lower-right corner of the spider sarcophagus room, hidden under the moon sarcophagus stairs.

Return to the disco room with all 40 Faceless Toads! Save your game, then talk to DJ Toad. Your party will draw out the boss, so be prepared for a big fight before you chat with DJ Toad.

Boss: Hole Punch

The Hole Punch starts the fight by punching holes in the ring arena! Avoid those big holes — Mario drops right through them and takes damage. If a spot only has a few holes in it, it just deactivates the tile but Mario can safely walk on it.

The yellow exterior of the hole punch is way too tough! Circle around and attack the soft rubbery bottom. Attack the ‘Lid‘ with your hammer — don’t jump on the handle!

After successfully hitting the back of the hole punch, it will hole punch Mario’s face! Don’t worry, after a few turns Mario’s face will appear on the ring arena. Walk over it to re-collect Mario’s face. You’ll need to, because you’ll lose a big chunk of your maximum HP until you recollect your face.

Keep it up, attacking the back of the boss with your hammer. After dealing enough damage, the boss will charge a killer move. When it starts to glow, immediately go for the ‘On’ switch and land on an Earth Vellumental Circle. Do it all in the same turn, or you’ll take a big hit!

If you dodge his special move with the Earth Vellumental Magic Circle, the boss will be stunned for a turn. Use the 1,000-Fold Arms to deal massive damage! To defeat the boss, you’ll need to use this combo when it’s extremely low on HP.

Rip the lid off, and Hole Punch is defeated! Use the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle to destroy the Yellow Streamer and save Shroom City’s toads. Now the desert is scorching hot once again. As it should be! You’ll gain a MAX Confetti Increased, just like usual!

Quest: Return To The Sun Altar

There’s still something left to do! Go back to the Sun Altar where this all started — it’s near the Fire Vellumental Cave. Go down below to discover a giant iceblock. Free the guy inside by smashing the pots to the right and using the Fire Magic Circle.

It’s a real ancient one! But, Captain T. Ode doesn’t stick around for long. He runs off to the museum in Toad Town — apparently the submarine is his! Take a trip back to Toad Town through Warp Pipe 3 in Scorching Sandpaper Desert.

Return to Toad Town and ride the boat back into the Great Sea. The next part is even trickier.