Paper Mario: The Origami King – Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater Walkthrough

Let’s get the second section of Paper Mario: The Origami King over with — here’s how to handle the big boss at the top of Big Sho’ Theater. The guardian of the Blue Streamer is waiting for you at the top of the castle tower — and thankfully, the area is extremely straightforward. There’s no complex dungeon or enemies to fight here. Instead, you’ll have to deal with three different situations.

It’s still easy to take damage here, so bring extra Mushrooms before going up against the next multimedia guardian. The Red Streamer’s Guardian was a sharp-pointed Colored Pencils box, but the next guardian can bounce back easier than anything we’ve encountered before. You can try to damage the boss Rubber Bands, but it’ll just regenerate and tie Mario up in knots. If you’re looking for help, here’s how to handle this bundle of bad news.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Table Of Contents:

Red Streamer Region: Pt. 1: Finding The Soul Seed | Whispering Woods | Pt. 2: Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Toad | Pt. 3: Saving Luigi | Graffiti Underground | Pt. 4: Tons Of Hidden Toads | Picnic Road | Pt. 5: All 4 Shell Stone Locations | Overlook Mountain | Pt. 6: Fighting the First Boss | Earth Vellumental Temple | Pt. 7: Cutting The Red Streamer | Overlook Tower

Blue Streamer Region: Pt. 8: Reach The Water Shrine | Autumn Mountain | Pt. 9: Save Bobby & Unlock The Shrine | Chestnut Valley | Pt. 10: Defeat The Guardian | Water Vellumental Shrine | Pt. 11: Save The Staff & Get The Bone | Shogun Studios | Pt. 12: Save Luigi & Get The Master Key | Ninja Attraction | Pt. 13: Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater

Yellow Streamer Region: Pt. 14: Saving Olivia | The Princess Peach | Pt. 15: Unlocking The Fire Cave | Scorching Sandpaper Desert | Pt. 16: All 4 Tower Jewels | Fire Vellumental Cave | Pt. 17: Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms

Purple Streamer Region: Pt. 18: How To Find Diamond Island | The Great Sea | Pt. 19: All 3 Sacred Orbs | Diamond Island | Pt. 20: Cutting The Purple Streamer | Sea Tower

Green Streamer Region: Pt. 21: Visit All 5 Hot Springs | Shangri-Spa | Pt. 22: Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle

Peach’s Castle: Pt. 23: Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon

Big Sho’ Theater Walkthrough

Entering into the Big Sho’ Theater, you’ll get attacked by a giant army of bad guys! If you want to get by them, grab the Goomba Mask from the Staff Room. Put it on after escaping, and you’ll be able to walk by the swarm of Origami enemies.

Floor 1: Go through the lobby and enter the suspicious theater through the front doors. There are three seats at the front — and the cowboy show will begin! But this isn’t an ordinary show. Mario is the hero! When the lights shine on Mario, go to the stage and press [A] to fire your six-shooter when a Shy Guy appears with a “FIRE!” sign.

The second time, a piece of paper will appear with “FIRE!” on the front. For the last guy, wait until a sign lowers from the roof with “FIRE!” on it. Return to your seat after three duels, and you’ll move up to the second level.

Floor 2: At Level 2, you’ll have to fight a swarm of dancing Paper Macho Koopa Troopas! To beat them, jump on their shells and hammer them while they’re stunned. Survive long enough to complete the fight. For the second fight, dodge the shells and jump on them when they pause to rest. After a few jumps, they’ll be stunned and you can smash them with your hammer.

Floor 3: That’s another show complete! Moving on to Level 3, you’ll join the Royal Shy Guy Ballet Choir! But this one is tough — the Shy Guys are fast, and they do a whopping 8 damage per hit. Try to smash as many as you can and collect the hearts they drop to stay alive for this performance!

The fourth floor is where the boss is waiting for you. Be prepared for a big fight, because we’re going to cut the Blue Streamer and complete this section of Paper Mario: The Origami King! Out of your seat, make sure to heal up with Mushrooms and then hit the Save Block.

Boss: Rubber Band

This boss drops Rubber Bands onto the circle arena, replacing panels with triangle-shaped rubber bans that bounce Mario around. Stepping into a rubber bend sends you forward or back on the rings depending on which direction the rubber band triangle is pointing. You can use these to help you, too! They’ll move you one ring, but they don’t change Mario’s movement direction. Keep that in mind.

Normal attacks won’t work against this boss. Instead, you need to hit the “ON” tile and land on the 1,000-Fold Arms. The closer you are to the boss when you use 1,000-Fold Arms, the more bands you’ll pull off.

  • Try to guard when the boss uses its Rubber Band Snapback attack! If you get hit by a single Rubber Band, you’ll get stunned, letting the boss hit you with a more powerful attack.

Every time you use the 1,000-Fold Arms, the boss won’t be able to heal itself as much — some of the rubber bands get knocked away. Keep doing it until you expose the center Rubber Band. It takes about three 1,000-Fold Arm pulls to do it. Make sure your HP is high, because once you drop it down to it’s last hit, the boss can hit you with a 36~ HP attack.

To beat the boss, just use one more 1,000-Fold Arms attack. Compared to some of the previous bosses, this guy is simple! But he deals a ton of damage per turn, so if you need to heal, grab as many hearts on your path around the arena.

Smash the blue streamer spool in the theater, and we can continue our adventure in another region. That’s two streamers cleared, three to go! For all your hard work, you’ll gain +Max Confetti UP!

Leaving the castle, you’ll head to your next location — Sweetpaper Valley! Or, at least, it seems like that where we need to go next.