Paper Mario: The Origami King – Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon Walkthrough

Mario and friends have finally made it to the end. This is the last part of our full Paper Mario: The Origami King walkthrough. It’s been a wild ride through the papercraft Mushroom Kingdom. In this final chapter, Mario teams up with Bowser to invade King Ollie’s stolen palace — there are airship battles, volcano chases, and multiple boss fights rolled up in this big finale.

If you’ve made it this far, then you know exactly what to expect. If you’re struggling against the bad guys, I recommend going back to our Shangri-Spa walkthrough and buying up extra Legendary weapons. You can also grab 1-Up Mushrooms from Toad Town to automatically revive. If you’re ever lost in a fight, you’ll earn tons of cash in the dungeon, so don’t be afraid to pay your toads to cheer you on.

Ready? Let’s load up and take down Ollie.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Table Of Contents:

Red Streamer Region: Pt. 1: Finding The Soul Seed | Whispering Woods | Pt. 2: Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Toad | Pt. 3: Saving Luigi | Graffiti Underground | Pt. 4: Tons Of Hidden Toads | Picnic Road | Pt. 5: All 4 Shell Stone Locations | Overlook Mountain | Pt. 6: Fighting the First Boss | Earth Vellumental Temple | Pt. 7: Cutting The Red Streamer | Overlook Tower

Blue Streamer Region: Pt. 8: Reach The Water Shrine | Autumn Mountain | Pt. 9: Save Bobby & Unlock The Shrine | Chestnut Valley | Pt. 10: Defeat The Guardian | Water Vellumental Shrine | Pt. 11: Save The Staff & Get The Bone | Shogun Studios | Pt. 12: Save Luigi & Get The Master Key | Ninja Attraction | Pt. 13: Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater

Yellow Streamer Region: Pt. 14: Saving Olivia | The Princess Peach | Pt. 15: Unlocking The Fire Cave | Scorching Sandpaper Desert | Pt. 16: All 4 Tower Jewels | Fire Vellumental Cave | Pt. 17: Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms

Purple Streamer Region: Pt. 18: How To Find Diamond Island | The Great Sea | Pt. 19: All 3 Sacred Orbs | Diamond Island | Pt. 20: Cutting The Purple Streamer | Sea Tower

Green Streamer Region: Pt. 21: Visit All 5 Hot Springs | Shangri-Spa | Pt. 22: Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle

Peach’s Castle: Pt. 23: Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon

The Origami Castle Walkthrough

When you’re ready to invade Peach’s Castle, talk to Bowser(‘s face) and tell him you’re ready to go. Don’t worry, you can always go back after you reach the castle and restock if you’re low on supplies.

Once you begin, the giant airship will fly into the sky and encounter swarms of enemy paper airplanes! Mario mans the front turret — you can choose to use [Motion Controls] or the [Left Stick]. Both work, but the [left stick] is a little easier to aim with.

During this sequence, you only need to get your targets in the big circle reticle. The Bob-Bombs you launch will auto-track enemies a little bit, so even if you’re a little off, your shots will still hit. To heal, shoot the hearts on parachutes or save any of your allies that call for help — they’ll reward you with a heart.

At the end, you’ll have to blast a big boss plane. Just keep blasting it and destroying the smaller paper airplanes it spawns until it’s destroyed. keep shooting to smash the debris that fall towards you, and you’ll complete this mini-game.

Quest: Escape Hotfoot Crater

Instead of landing at Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s airship crash lands inside the volcano itself! Hotfoot Crater is a magma-filled dungeon, and we’re going to climb out to access Peach’s Castle.

To escape the crashed airship, climb onto the upper deck and reach the center mast. Hit the mast with Mario’s hammer to knock it down, creating a bridge to your first Save Block. That’s when an entire swarm of Paper Macho minions drop down from Peach’s Castle and attack. Run while avoiding the falling Bob-Bombs to escape the swarm.

Keep going up and Kamek will slow them down — ahead, you’ll need to lure Bob-Bombs to the big rocks to blow them up. Don’t worry if you take damage, every cracked rock has a heart inside. Past those blocks, the floor will collapse under Mario. Be ready to search for a path out of the holes!

At the top of the crater, Bowser will lead Mario into the airship cannon and launch themselves up to Peach’s Castle. You’ve finally made it! But the door is locked!

Quest: Find The Key To Peach’s Castle

The door to Peach’s Castle is locked. And Luigi arrives without the key! Where are we going to find it? It’s actually a lot closer than Luigi realizes. If you were watching the cutscene carefully, you’ve already seen it too.

Find [Peach’s Castle Key] sticking out of the back of Luigi’s Kart. Now you can unlock the door!

Quest: Confront Ollie The Origami King

Before going into the castle, let’s stock up. Use Warp Pipe 6 at the front of Peach’s Castle. In Toad Town, you can buy Mushrooms to heal if you’re low, or grab a 1-Up Mushroom to prepare for the bosses you’ll face. You can also go to Shangri-Spa and grab some spare Legendary Boots or Legendary Hammers.

After going inside Peach’s Castle, you’ll get a cutscene and watch as her palace transforms into the Origami Castle. Now we’ve truly reached the final dungeon! Hit the two bonus blocks outside to gain Legendary Boots and a Legendary Hammer.

How To Enter The Origami Castle: To unlock the entrance, go to the top of the stairs and smack the checkerboard floor with your hammer. You’ll see two loose tiles — one in the lower-left corner, and one in the upper-center. Hit both tiles to flip them over and generate a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.

Use the circle and you’ll bust open the underside of Olly’s castle. In the fights ahead, I recommend using Legendary Weapons! They’re strong enough to take down these tough foes in a single turn.

How To Get By The Sumo Bros.: The Sumo Bro guarding the first hallway is a tricky opponent. To get by him, make sure to only run to each hiding spot when he isn’t looking. If he sees you, he’ll stomp the platform and drop you into the biting origami below. The origami does a whopping 100 damage — better to avoid it!

Wait for the Sumo Bros to turn his back on you before rushing forward. That way you’ll always have enough time to hide — or to hit them! Defeating them will generate a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.

  • Collectible Treasure: Luigi’s Kart – When you reach the blue paths in the first room of the Origami Castle, pull the bonus block to the left of the Fire Bros.

To exit the first room, reach the unfolded bonus block in the back-left corner. Pull and open with your hammer to generate the 1,000-Fold Arms you need.

The Second Floor: The second floor is another gauntlet. Follow the red bridge left, avoiding the biting origami to reach the adjacent room on the left. To progress, you’ll need to weave through the left and right chambers to reach the back of the center room.

In the left chamber, avoid the Boomerang Bros. and reach the left wall. There’s a folded blue bridge you can knock down that leads to four bonus blocks.

  • Collectible Treasure: Bullet Bill – In one of the four bonus blocks, in the second floor (left room) of the Origami Castle.

In the back-left corner of the left room, pull the sticker off the platform and ride it right. Up here, there’s a shortcut you can knock down and a blue bridge to the Ice Bros. — defeat the Ice-throwing Koopa to create a 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle.

While riding right on the platform, you can grab a loose flap and pull it open to reveal a hidden stairs! That takes you back into the central room — follow the red path to the right room this time.

Koopa Magic Circle Maze: In the right room, use the Green Pipe and pull-up the bonus block to reveal a Magic Circle. But the Koopa Troopas steal it! Backtrack in the Green Pipe and enter the maze — make sure to run when the Sumo Bros see you. They’ll spin the colorful platforms, dropping Mario into the biting floor below. After smashing each Koopa shell with your hammer, use the Green Pipe to reset. You need to reach all three shells to recover the Magic Circle.

Use the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circle to create a little house with stairs inside. Watch out for the Folded Soldier inside!

  • Collectible Treasure: Paper Plane Squadron – Inside the little house you unfold with 1,000-Fold Arms, in the second floor (right room) of the Origami Castle.

Leaving the right room, you’ll return to the center. After using the 1,000-Fold Arms, retreat and lure the Paper Macho Koopa so you can hit the weak point on it’s shell. After that, you’ll need to solve a small puzzle.

How To Exit The Second Floor: At the end of the second floor, it looks like you’re stuck. Near the Bonus Block, use your hammer on the purple diamond-shaped paper to flip it over — then climb the stairs and use your hammer on the yellow diamond-shaped paper.

Flip both diamonds over to create a 1,000-Fold Arms. Hit the lower-left block, then the upper-left block, then the raised central block and the upper-right block to create a path to the exit.

The Third Floor: We’re close to Ollie now! On the red carpet path to the boss door, a swarm of Folded Soldiers will charge Mario! Don’t fight them — hit the left pillar to knock down the statue of King Ollie and spin the bridge, knocking all the bad guys into the biters below.

Ahead, hit the walls of the next room with your hammer and be prepared for a new big boss fight.

Boss: Stapler

The Stapler is a powerful guard dog that uses a cartridge of staples to attack. Depending on your range, the boss will use different amounts of staples — if you’re close, it’ll use 2 staples. If you’re far, it’ll use 8 staples.

  • NOTE: Beware the bite of the Stapler! If you don’t guard against a staple attack, Mario will get stapled to the ground. That leaves him vulnerable to a more powerful counterattack by Stapler that deals 22 damage.

The trick to this fight is waiting for the boss to reload. When it runs out of staples, use the 1,000-Fold Arms on it! Normal attacks don’t hurt it — prepare the ‘ON’ tile by landing on the treasure chest, then bait out 8-staple attacks from long range.

Hammer attacks are useless — they’ll only knock out 1 staple. Hit it with boots to knock out 4 staples. You can also use 1,000-Fold Arms to knock out multiple staples and dish out real damage before the boss is stunned.

Using 1,000-Fold Arms on the boss when it’s in a reload state deals double damage. Use 1,000-Fold Arms as often as possible to knockout staples and deal damage, then use it again when it needs to reload.

  • NOTE: There’s no way to defend against Stapler’s charged attack. Just try to stay healed and guard when it attacks. The less staples it has, the less damage it will do to you. Try to knockout as many staples as possible before it can unleash the charged attack.

After taking off about 50% HP, the boss will gain red staples. They’re more powerful, but nothing you can’t handle. Near the end of the fight, Stapler gains gold staples. It’ll use a Staple Barrage almost immediately — grab the treasure tile and unleash a final 1,000-Fold Arms to defeat it!

Defeating Stapler finally frees Bowser from his tiny-faced fate. Smash him with your hammer, and we can continue deeper into the Origami Castle. The hallway ahead leads to the final battle — take a rest at the bench and use the Save Block.

  • Collectible Treasure: Origami Castle – Near the final bench in the Origami Castle, on the stairs leading to King Ollie’s Throne Room.

Boss: King Ollie

King Ollie has mastered the four Bibliofolds, and can transform into any of the four Vellumentals. Right from the start, Ollie will charge a powerful attack — you need to land on the ‘On’ tile and the Magic Circle to stop him.

NOTE: If you wait too long moving tiles on the ring arena, Ollie will heal himself +30 HP. Try to complete your moves before the timer runs out.

  • Earth Vellumental Form: Use Ice to stop Ollie. When he’s frozen, use 1,000-Fold Arms to flip him over and smash him.
  • Water Vellumental Form: Make sure to only start moving when the water spouts aren’t positioned near the tiles you need. Use Earth Vellumental to dodge his attack, then use 1,000-Fold Arms while he’s stunned.
  • Fire Vellumental Form: Avoid the molten feathers — the more feathers on a tile, the more damage Mario will take. Try to go for the big heart to heal +100 HP. Use Water to cool Ollie off, leaving him stunned for a turn. Now you can use 1,000-Fold Arms to finish him off.
  • Ice Vellumental Form: This form starts with the Ice Maze right away. Remember the trick — watch which of the three rings he moves. He’ll only move three. Usually it’s the outer three rings. Try to memorize where the Magic Circle is at the start, then work your way backwards.

After melting the ice, you need to complete a second Ice Maze to reach the 1,000-Fold Arms. This one is harder, but just watch which rings spin and which stay still, and note where the Magic Circle is before he mixes up the arena.

If you’re quick, you can complete the boss fight after defeating all four forms once. If you’re slow, Ollie will heal and you’ll have to refight one or more forms. Just follow the instructions for each form, and you’ll defeat Ollie’s first form.

Boss: Ollie The Origami King (Second Form)

In this form, you need to help giant Origami Bowser push Ollie off the arena! To do that, use the 1,000-Fold Arms Magic Circles behind Bowser and slam the ground to generate shockwaves, pushing him forward slightly. YOu’ll only have a few seconds so waggle fast!

Ollie sends spinning blades to stop you. Jump on them to destroy them, then move to follow Bowser, attacking the ground behind him to nudge him forward.

Once you nudge him enough, Ollie will summon a thwomp. Pump your arms to slam the ground with 1,000-Fold Arms as hard as you can! If the thwomp smashes Mario, it’s game over.

Boss: Ollie The Origami King (Final Form)

For this final battle, Olivia summons a Super Magic Circle, but Ollie mixes it up! You’ll have to fix it — match the colors first by moving the rows, then spin the rings to complete the image. Ollie will attack Mario while you’re trying to solve the puzzle, so be prepared to press [A] to dodge his attacks.

When you complete the Super Magic Circle, Ollie will use a super-attack against you. You have to dodge! Press [A] to escape his many, many incoming attacks. An [A] prompt will appear for each attack. If you get hit, Ollie will mix up the Super Magic Circle again.

Complete the Super Magic Circle to transform Olivia into a giant Origami Hammer! Use it to knock out Ollie for good!

Olivia folds the 1,000th Crane, and returns the Mushroom Kingdom back to normal! The day is saved — but Olivia is gone. Toad Town is celebrating, but it’s a bittersweet time for Mario and friends. The Origami Festival has finally arrived, and the entire town remembers their lost friend Olivia.