Paper Mario: The Origami King – Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Town Walkthrough

Leaving the Whispering Woods, Mario and his new origami friend Olivia enter Toad Town — but the path to Peach’s Castle has been destroyed! We’re moving on to the second map in Paper Mario: The Origami King, and our walkthrough marches on with another puzzle.

The duo will have to find another path to the castle ruins where Luigi is (hopefully) hidden, and there are some big new enemies waiting in the abandoned village. You’ll have to do battle with Giant Goombas, but the combat doesn’t happen in a JRPG battle — instead, you’ll just have to run around and smack these lumbering oafs with your hammer.

To reach the castle grounds, you’ll need to enter an area called the Graffiti Underground through the sewers. To do that, you’ll need to find a sewer manhole and a manhole hook — they’re all hidden in Toad Town, which is a pretty big place to explore. If you need help navigating the town, we’ve got a full guide below.

Paper Mario: The Origami King – Table Of Contents:

Red Streamer Region: Pt. 1: Finding The Soul Seed | Whispering Woods | Pt. 2: Reaching Peach’s Castle | Toad Toad | Pt. 3: Saving Luigi | Graffiti Underground | Pt. 4: Tons Of Hidden Toads | Picnic Road | Pt. 5: All 4 Shell Stone Locations | Overlook Mountain | Pt. 6: Fighting the First Boss | Earth Vellumental Temple | Pt. 7: Cutting The Red Streamer | Overlook Tower

Blue Streamer Region: Pt. 8: Reach The Water Shrine | Autumn Mountain | Pt. 9: Save Bobby & Unlock The Shrine | Chestnut Valley | Pt. 10: Defeat The Guardian | Water Vellumental Shrine | Pt. 11: Save The Staff & Get The Bone | Shogun Studios | Pt. 12: Save Luigi & Get The Master Key | Ninja Attraction | Pt. 13: Cutting The Blue Streamer | Big Sho’ Theater

Yellow Streamer Region: Pt. 14: Saving Olivia | The Princess Peach | Pt. 15: Unlocking The Fire Cave | Scorching Sandpaper Desert | Pt. 16: All 4 Tower Jewels | Fire Vellumental Cave | Pt. 17: Cutting The Yellow Streamer | Temple of Shrooms

Purple Streamer Region: Pt. 18: How To Find Diamond Island | The Great Sea | Pt. 19: All 3 Sacred Orbs | Diamond Island | Pt. 20: Cutting The Purple Streamer | Sea Tower

Green Streamer Region: Pt. 21: Visit All 5 Hot Springs | Shangri-Spa | Pt. 22: Cutting The Green Streamer | Bowser’s Castle

Peach’s Castle: Pt. 23: Defeat Ollie | Final Dungeon

Toad Town Walkthrough
You’ll learn about Sliding Ring Moves in the first battle outside Toad Town.

There’s a wave battle waiting for you right at the start of the Toad Town map. For this battle, you’ll learn about sliding. You don’t just rotate tiles, you can also slide. Press [L / R] to slide, then you can line these jerks up properly.

This works just like the other Goomba battles. It looks really easy so far, but this game gets way harder later on. Enjoy the practice — and don’t miss the Bonus Blocks on the way to Toad Town.

The town itself is deserted, and you’ll get an ominous glimpse of some giant origami goombas in the distance as you approach. You can’t fight these giant goombas in the traditional way — instead, smack the stick on their backs with your hammer, then avoid their charge.

You’ll take damage if they charge into you. Smack them three more times with your hammer to smash them! You can hit them anywhere after you break the sticker off.

  • Collectible Treasure: Torch from Peach’s Castle – Behind the Save Block in Toad Town, there’s a secret tunnel under the raised walkway that leads to a small courtyard with this treasure chest.

Don’t bother checking the shops. The town is empty! Instead, go straight back toward the bridge to the castle. It’s busted. You’ll need to find another way inside.

  • Free Rabbit Espresso: While in the town, go left from the main square and toward the busted bridge. There’s a coffee stand to the left of this smaller bridge — talk to the vendor for a free Rabbit Espresso. The first one is free! This item increases your movement speed.

Quest: Find The Entrance To Peach’s Castle

To enter Peach’s Castle, you’ll need to find the correct green pipe that leads into her castle. If only it was the pipe located near the bridge! It won’t be that easy.

Near the bridge to the castle, pull the Red Shy Guy from the door. Through this door, you’ll find a sewer manhole entrance. You won’t be able to enter without a manhole hook first.

  • To get a clue, go to the foreground (left) where there’s a courtyard with a Goomba holding a Red Shy Guy. Use confetti to repair the door, then use your hammer inside the building on the drawers. Climb up and use the hammer on the window — then smash the Giant Goomba.
Find the Manhole Hook in here!

The hook is at the red building at the pier. Go right from the main square to find the red brick building. Use confetti to fix the front door — if you’re low on confetti, make sure to smash more Giant Goombas. Inside, pull the Paper Minion out of the box in the front-right, then use your hammer on the shelves on the right with cardboard boxes. Keep hitting until a box falls down!

A 1,000-Fold Arms marker will appear on the ground. Use it and grab the top-left corner of the center wall to reveal a hidden door! In the next room, you’ll encounter Goombas! Defeat them, then smash the cracked crates on the left side of the room.

Use your hammer to knock the green cart to the right, then climb up and smash the high crate near the window to gain the Manhole Hook! Now you can return to the Manhole and enter the sewers. Remember, the manhole is to the left of the broken bridge leading to Peach’s Castle.

With that task complete, you’ll enter the Graffiti Underground… spooky.