Ghost of Tsushima: How To Farm Unlimited Predator Hides & Earn Easy Supplies

If you’re planning on crafting all the upgrades for your stuff in Ghost of Tsushima, you’re going to need a bunch of predator hides. Predator hides are found on any predator animals in the wild — like bears for example. Bears are one of the harder opponents, and they can rip Jin a new one if you’re not careful. Bears can be a great source for predator hides, if only they weren’t so rare.

Players looking to complete all the crafting search high-and-low on the vast island of Tsushima, and there’s one location that spawns an infinite supply of bears. There are two bears per spawn, and they’ll respawn every time you fast-travel to the location. That’s two predator hides you can grab in a matter of minutes, then reset and start the cycle again. Once you’ve earned enough predator hides, you can just start selling the extras you don’t need for a little extra post-game cash.

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To find an infinite supply of predator hides, locate a camp called Rushing Water Crossing in Izuhara, east of Cloud Pass. When you fast-travel to this camp, a scripted event will occur where the camp is attacked by two bears. This event happens every time you fast-travel to the area, so you can just leave, then fast-travel back to reset the bears.

The camp has a chest with Steel, and you can find Iron scattered around — both will also respawn when you fast-travel to the area. Just travel to the area, kill the bears, grab the loot, and fast-travel out. You can also just die after grabbing the bears to farm a little bit faster.

Bears are dangerous. If you’re having trouble with the bears, you’ll want to equip kunai, use sticky bombs, or just shoot the bears with arrows to kill them fast. If you’re an experienced sword-fighter, you’ll have no problem cutting down all the bears in your path. This area is useful in just about any point in the game — even in the post-game, when you’ll needs some extra supplies to buy up anything you’re missing.

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