Ghost Of Tsushima Pays Tribute To The PS4 Era With These Origami Easter Eggs

Image Source: [xGarbett on Twitter]

Ghost of Tsushima is the last big PS4 exclusive. It’s the end of an era, and there’s a long legacy of spectacular exclusives in the PS4’s library. Sucker-Punch, the developers of Ghost of Tsushima and Infamous: Second Son before it were always a Sony Exclusive dev, and they’re paying tribute to their Playstation brothers / sisters in an extremely cute way — with origami.

Take a look at the origami figures shared above, and try to guess as many as you can — even Playstation stans might struggle to name all 12 origami figures. There are references ranging from the obvious like God of War and Ratchet & Clank to the less-than-obvious. After chatting with a few friends, I think we’ve got all the origami figured out, so let’s get to listing all the Easter eggs right here.

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Finding these Easter eggs is only a minor spoiler — you’ll need to complete the main story, then visit Jin’s house on the island. The origami are collected on a low table where his prized sword is displayed.

There are 12 origami figures total. That’s 12 references to PS4 games, so let’s go through them all, from left-to-right.

  • Right of the paintbrush, there’s a strange figure. An alien? Nope, that’s an imp-in-shades from do-it-yourself wonder Dreams!
  • Below the brush, if you look carefully, you can spot the silhouette of Ludens, the mascot of Death Stranding developer Kojima Productions.
  • What’s the Tetris block? I had no idea, but after some investigation, it turns out this is the logo for Blood & Truth developer SIE London Studio. Mystery solved!
  • And finally, we have a baseball bat and ball — that can only be MLB: The Show.

That’s a whole lot of references. If you managed to get half of these, I think you’re a pretty big fan — and it’s always nice to see developers throwing some love to their peers.

There’s a whole lot of game to love in Ghost of Tsushima, and we’re excited to see what Sucker-Punch and the rest of the Playstation developers do next.