Review Roundup: Concrete Genie is Short, Sweet, and Filled With a Bunch of Heart

Sony has released its latest exclusive for the PS4, which is titled Concrete Genie, and from early reviews, it looks like the game is pretty good!

You might not have heard of it, because Sony is doing a pretty bad job at marketing, however, hopefully, if this review roundup helps, you might get some insight on the recently released game. Concrete Genie is an original IP that has players bringing paintings to life.

From reviews, you can see that the game is short, sweet, and filled with a bunch of heart; so if you’re the type of gamer that likes a good story paired with intuitive mechanics, Concrete Genie will be for you!

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Sony’s latest title — Concrete Genie:

PlayStation Universe 95

Concrete Genie is a unique action adventure game that proves that the brush is mightier than the bully. The game addresses the subject of bullying through the eyes of Ash, a boy who is the latest victim of teenage thugs who destroy Ash’s sketch book and scatter it throughout the now abandoned town of Denska. As you recover the pages you discover that almost every area of the rundown town becomes a blank canvas for Ash’s paintings to come alive…literally.

PlayStation LifeStyle 90

Concrete Genie has plenty of depth and heart, feeling freeform enough to relinquish creative control to the player, but also guided enough for those that might feel they lack the creativity or patience to make compelling art. It’s pacing is brilliant, keeping great momentum as it works its way through the narrative, even it it stumbles slightly when it comes to giving certain mechanics room to breathe.

IGN 80

Short and very sweet, Concrete Genie is a spellbinding experiment in player creativity.

Twinfinite 80

Concrete Genie has outstanding design and a style which bring the game to life, and keep it from fading into the background alongside every other game on the market. And yet, due to its odd design choices in the final stretch of the game, it’s hard not to say that it falls short of becoming something spectacular, mired by incongruous gameplay designs and an unclear vision on what kind of game it wants to be remembered as in the end.

GameSpot 70

Most of what Concrete Genie has to offer is fun and beautiful in a sort of childlike way. The game is not particularly difficult, and overcoming a puzzle or combat scenario isn’t always satisfying. But it’s ultimately still an endearing experience throughout. There’s plenty of enjoyment to be found just from the act of exploring, and little hidden secrets along the way help make it worthwhile; I just wish Concrete Genie had more adventure waiting for me.

Concrete Genie is now available for the PlayStation 4. Have you been thinking about picking up the latest Sony exclusive? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic