Shadow of the Colossus (PS4): Find 79 New Gold Relics & Unlock The Dormin Sword

The Shadow of the Colossus remake includes a few hidden secrets for fans willing to dive deep into the game. First, there was the Last Guardian Easter egg cave, but there’s more than that. You can also uncover strange glowing gold relics. These are completely new, never-before-seen collectibles that can only be found in the PS4 remake version, and finding them all unlocks a pretty awesome reward.

The only person insane enough to hunt down every gold relic collectible is Youtuber PS4Trophies, who spend over a dozen hours streaming his struggle to complete the hunt for these incredibly hard to find gold relics. They’re hidden throughout the Forbidden Lands, often placed in new areas or pieces of geometry uniquely crafted for the PS4 remake. To get them all, you’ll have to scrounge every last location on the map. Even finding one can be pretty tough.

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Find 79 New Gold Relics & Unlock The Dormin Sword

The brand new secret, exclusive to the PS4 remake for Shadow of the Colossus, is all about finding hidden gold relics. These glowing gold coin-like objects appear in extremely hidden areas in the open-world of the Forbidden Lands. They don’t appear on the map, or even in your vision until you get close.

  • Finding Gold Relics:
    • ¬†Gold Relics are hidden in dead-end caves, ruins, or in areas of the open-world that you wouldn’t normally cross.
      • Usually, you’ll find them in areas you can climb up, or explore that are totally optional.
    • When you approach a gold relic, you’ll hear a twinkling metal sound. Get closer to the sound to find the actual relic.
    • When you’re close to a relic, it will appear visually on the ground with glowing gold swirling around it. Crouch [R2] to pick it up.

Gold relics can’t be seen from far away, but they tend to be located in very conspicuous places. If you can climb a section of the Forbidden Lands, go down an optional path or find a special, unique area or piece of geometry, it’s very likely you’ll find a gold relic.

The Sword of Dormin

After getting all the gold relics, a secret door will appear in the Shrine of Worship at the center of the map. There’s an “I” or sideways “H” shaped symbol on the door — when all the relics are unlocked, this wall will have a golden glow. Stand at the door and kneel [R2] like at a shrine.

The stairs ahead lead to an underground chamber beneath the shrine that contains the Sword of Dormin, floating in an elaborate, evil stone altar. Pray to the sword to collect it.

Like Dormin itself, this sword glows with black, pulsating energy. It’s also the most powerful sword in the game, and will defeat colossi pretty quickly, even on hard difficulty.

There are a total of 79 gold relics. Finding them all is completely insane, but one man has done it. Check out his video detailing all the locations below. Will there be more secrets related to the Sword of Dormin?