Shadow of the Colossus (PS4): Hidden Horse (& Other Animal) Tricks | Secrets Guide

To explore the Forbidden Lands of Shadow of the Colossus, you’ll primarily ride your horse Argo to cross the vast expanse and reach each of the 16 colossi. While on horseback, there are a variety of tricks Wander can pull-off — some of them are just for fun, but others will help you a little bit on your journey. They’re all optional, but they’re cool enough to try.

On top of all the horse tricks, there are also animals you can interact with. Messing with four different animal types will net you the ‘Animals of the Land’ trophy. There are doves, hawks, fish and turtles to interact with, and the results can be hilarious. These aren’t your regular birds, they’re strong enough to lift Argo into the sky. Learn more about all the ways you can interact with animals and your trusty steed below.

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Hidden Horse (& Other Animal) Tricks | Secrets Guide

While riding Argo, there are a variety of tricks you can pull off. Some of them are totally obvious (jumping) but others you might not even know exist. Completing all the stunts will earn you the ‘Trick Rider‘ trophy.

  • Argo Tricks:
    • Jump: Press [X] while riding.
    • Quick Start: Back [L3] + [Triangle] from standstill while on horseback.
    • Quick Stop: Back [L3] + [Triangle] while riding.
    • Quick Turn: Back [L3] + [Triangle] twice quickly while riding to 180 turn.
    • Stand Up: Press [R2] + Up [L3] while riding to stand on Argo.
      • While standing on Argo, you can use your bow.
    • Hang Left: Press [R2] + [Cross] + Left [L3] to hang on the left side of Argo.
    • Hang RightPress [R2] + [Cross] + Right [L3] to hang on the right side of Argo.
    • Cliff Jump: Sprint toward a small cliff to jump down while riding Argo.


Animal Tricks

There are four types of animals Wander can interact with in the Forbidden Lands. Interact with all four to unlock the ‘Animals of the Land‘ trophy.

  • Dove: Jump on doves to hang from them and fly around! Doves are found right at the start of the game, in the shrine interior.
  • Hawk: Found flying around the vast fields south of the shrine. Stand up on Argo and jump to the hawks that fly with you when you gallop to fly around wildly for a little bit.
  • Turtle: The shelled creatures are found north, near the shrine next to the giant bridge. There’s a rocky outcropping in the desert where you can interact with turtles. No tricks here, just nudge them and they’ll hide in their shell.
  • Fish: In the southern lake, you’ll be able to interact with fish. Dive underwater and grab their tailfin to zip around underwater.

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