Shadow of the Colossus (PS4): How To Find The Secret Last Guardian Easter Egg Cave

Fans of Shadow of the Colossus can find an interesting little Easter egg that’s totally new to the PS4 remake. Finding this unique cavern will reward you with the ‘Boon of the Nomad’ trophy, and fans that were following The Last Guardian after the high watermark of Shadow of the Colossus should recognize the hidden, glowing object inside — it’s one of the barrels you feed to Trico!

Team Ico are the masterminds of some of the best, most memorable adventure games for the PlayStation consoles. Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, and finally The Last Guardian — which finally did come out after a tumultuous development cycle. Now that Shadow of the Colossus has been remade for the PS4, it’s only natural that Sony wants to include a tiny victory lap that you can find for yourself. We’ll describe how to get to the cave and check out the tiny container below.

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How To Find The Secret Last Guardian Easter Egg Cave

The Last Guardian Easter egg cave contains a glowing barrel — the same type you would feed Trico — that’s totally unique to the PS4 remake. Enter the cave to unlock the ‘Boon of the Nomad‘ trophy. Follow the instructions below to find the cave for yourself.

  1. From the Temple in the center of the map, travel southwest to the forest with the tall trees.
  2. Follow the dirt path through the woods and look left. There’s a shrine to the left, marked with an old ruin.
  3. Go past the ruins and over the stream, moving slightly right. Eventually you’ll reach an exit to the forest on your left. Continue past that — the exit is a dead end.
  4. Nearby, there’s a dirt ramp that leads down in the middle of the forest, near the exit from the previous step.
  5. Go down the ramp to find the strange barrel and you’ll earn the trophy / find The Last Guardian Easter egg!

The Last Guardian deserves a quiet place to rest after such a long, painful development. Now get back on your horse and go after those remaining Colossi!