Shadow of the Colossus (PS4): How To Find The Secret Garden & Poison Fruit

The infamous secret garden is real in Shadow of the Colossus, and the freshly refurbished remake on PS4 has two trophies you can unlock for climbing up the tall, tall tower and reaching this area most of us missed. There isn’t just a garden either — there’s also a forbidden fruit. And yes, you can eat it.

Fruit in Shadow of the Colossus is a special collectible that increases your health the more you eat. There are glowing fruits to find all over the massive open-world map, 33 in total. There’s a reason I’m explaining this too; the forbidden fruit is the opposite of your standard fruit. Instead of increasing your maximum health, the forbidden fruit drains your health and stamina. Think of it like a special bonus difficulty mode.

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How To Find The Secret Garden & Forbidden Fruit

Before you can reach the secret garden, you’ll need (almost) maximum stamina. That means you’ll have to complete the game once, and complete two New Game+ playthroughs to collect enough stamina to reach the very top. That’s a total of three complete playthroughs.

  1. At the very start of your fourth playthrough (minimum), leave the shrine in the center of the map.
  2. Outside the shrine, down the steps, travel left along the exterior of the shrine. In the back-left corner, you’ll find a wall of moss you can climb.
  3. If you’ve completed multiple playthroughs and increased your stamina meter, you’ll be able to (just barely) reach the top of the moss.
  4. At the top of the moss, shimmy onto the ledge to the right until you find another moss wall. Climb right, across another ledge, and jump to the turret.
  5. From the rounded turret, climb the last line of moss up to the very top.

On the curved walkway, follow it up to a secret garden that’s full of poisonous fruit. Shoot down one with your bow and eat it to earn the ‘Fruit of the Garden‘ trophy.

You can also unlock another trophy from the top of the tower. See the bridge? That’s the entrance into the Forbidden Land, and you can reach the gate by running all the way across the massive, massive gate. It takes a full 7 minutes of running to reach the far end of the gate.

As you approach the gate, a strong wind will keep you from leaving. Once you hit that wind, the ‘Reach the Gate‘ trophy will appear. Congratulations on finding one of the most notable secrets in recent memory.


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