Chilly City Builder Frostpunk Lets the Automatons Out

In the lead up to Frostpunk‘s release, Polish developer 11 Bit Studios (This War of Mine) has published a developer update that fleshes out game lore. Senior lead designer Jakub Stokalski introduces ‘Automatons’ — terrifying, Tower of Babel sized mechanical beasts which symbolise “the pinnacle of human engineering”. They do look pretty remarkable.

Developed with the specific purpose of enhancing human survival in the city’s sub-arctic cold, these steampunk creations can easily replace entire workplaces and manual labour crews, never growing weary, completely immune to the stinging chill of overzealous blizzards, and are a blessing to the economy. They are almost perfect. Yet their steam-powered nature is also their Achilles heel, requiring them to refuel at a Generator in order to keep their cogs turning smoothly. Yes, you’ll be able to upgrade them, and drive up their efficiency. But when their presence invites trepidation and discomfort — how will you respond? How do your citizens really feel about walking alongside mechanical giants that could crush them in seconds if they malfunctioned? And more importantly, as leader of this city, will you even give a damn?

Frostpunk was originally intended to release during 2017, however, art director Przemyslaw Marszal clarified that we’ll be hearing more about a release date within the next few weeks. A new gameplay trailer titled “Irreversible” is also expected to drop.

Frostpunk will make PC (Windows & Mac) its home. Those interested can add it to their Steam wishlist.