Ghost of Tsushima: How To Get The Sly Cooper Easter Egg Armor | Legendary Thief Guide

A long, long time ago, the developers of Ghost of Tsushima made the charming Sly Cooper series — a trilogy of games following an anthropomorphic raccoon thief. Following in the footsteps of other big-time developers like Naughty Dog, they left their mascot behind to produce more adult fair like the Infamous games. Why am I explaining all this?

Because you can create your own set of Sly Cooper armor in Ghost of Tsushima. It takes a lot of effort — there isn’t a single set of armor to unlock, you’ll need to mix-and-match pieces from multiple sets to make the perfect thievery gear that matches Sly Cooper’s canonical Japanese relative. Put on the right stuff, and you’ll unlock the ‘Sly Cooper Cosplayer‘ trophy. Here’s how to get all the pieces you need.

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How To Unlock ‘Sly Cooper Cosplayer’ Trophy | Easter Egg Guide

To unlock the ‘Sly Cooper Cosplayer‘ trophy, you’ll need to find 3 pieces of armor and 1 weapon kit, then wear them together — all with a specific dye. These pieces can be earned through various methods, so let’s get down to the list.

  • Gosaku’s Armor: Reward for completing “The Unbreakable Gosaku” mythic tale in Kamiagata.
  • Thief’s Wrap: Reward found at a gift altar. Check the gift altars as you complete the story to find it.
  • Crooked Kama Headband: Located at the top of Jogaku Temple in Kamigata.

In addition to the armor pieces, you’ll also need to equip a sword skin and a dye for your armor.

  • Sly Tanuki: This sword kit is located at a Pillar of Honor in Kamigata, Kin Prefecture.
  • Ocean’s Guardian: The blue dye is sold by merchants. Specifically, you can buy it at Umugi Cove.

Equip everything listed here, and you’ll transform into a sneaky raccoon thief. The blue is what makes the entire outfit fit together. Now we’re just crossing our fingers and hoping for an Infamous outfit. Maybe a yellow leather jacket? A bald head? That’s all we need!

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