Paper Mario: The Origami King – How To Unlock All The Shops In Toad Town | Accessories, Weapons, Battle Arena & More

Toad Town is in a pretty sad state when you arrive in Paper Mario: The Origami King. The place is totally abandoned! All the nice shops are shutdown — but you can slowly bring life back to the village by rescuing hidden toads. These lost mushrooms are everywhere in-game, and you’ll find (most) of them by following our guides.

But, there are a few toads that are way more important than others. Most hidden toads will appear to support Mario during battles, but you’ll have to throw a few coins their way before they’ll do anything. The following toads add new useful functions to Toad Town, whether it’s a Weapon Store, the Museum, or a place to practice battles.

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Toad Town Important Character Locations

To turn Toad Town into a fully-functional hub of your city, you’ll need to find a few specific hidden toads. All the toads are missing, but certain hidden toads will return to Toad Town and start offering their services once they’re rescued.

The most important toads run the various stores and services in town — that includes the item shop, the accessory store, the battle lab, and the museum. If you’ve accidentally missed any of these valuable little guys, you’ll find their locations listed below.

  • Important Toad Town Toads Locations:
    • Toad Town Museum: The Museum Curator is located in the Graffiti Underground, and you’ll encounter him automatically while on your way to the ruins of Peach’s Castle.
    • Funky Accessory Shop: The Accessory Shop Toad is located in Picnic Road, on the empty shop stand to the left of the Vellumental Temple entrance.
    • Battle Lab: Near the exit of Picnic Road, leading to Outlook Mountain, there’s an origami guard dog. Flatten it with your hammer to unlock the Battle Lab in Toad Town.

As an added bonus, you can also unlock stores on Picnic Road. The most important store is an Accessory Shop.

  • Picnic Road Shop Location:
    • Accessory Shop: In the Earth Vellumental Temple, smash the rock near the final exhibit on the trail. Four bugs origami bugs will crawl out and skitter around — hit them all with your hammer and backtrack up the path to find the missing ones.

[Work-In-Progress: Check back soon and we’ll add any more important toads we find!]