Ghost of Tsushima: Don’t Miss These Two Charms In The First Region | Regen & Double Supplies

Charms are some of the most useful items in Ghost of Tsushima — these little relics give your character upgrades, and you’ll unlock more slots by discovering Fox Dens. Two of the best charms you can find are available on the very first island, but locating them can be pretty tricky.

These two Charms give you huge bonuses that are worthwhile for the rest of the game; one unlocks regenerating health between battles, and the other gives you double supplies / crafting items from every pick-up. That’s basically twice as much money, and twice as many items for upgrading your gear. That’s extremely useful, so we’ve got the map locations marked for your easy finding below.

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How To Get The Regen Health Charm

The first shrine gives you a charm that applies constant regenerating health when you’re not fighting. That way, you’ll always be at 100% between fights, and you don’t have to waste your resolve healing.

Mending Rock Shrine: The shrine is located on a small northeastern island, right next to the ‘Isonade Coast’ label on the map. One of the first missions is Fort Nakayama where you get the bow and arrow — the tiny island is far to the east.

To reach the island, you’ll need to follow a very treacherous mountain path. Look for a road leading to the coast on your map, and look toward the island — you’ll see a long bridge leading to it. To get to the bridge, start at the dirt road and follow the winding mountain path. It’s a long trek, and you’ll need to climb up, down, and around the cliffs to finally reach the shrine.

For reaching this shrine, you’ll unlock the Charm of Okuninushi. With this equipped, you’ll slowly recover health while out of combat.

How To Get The Double Supplies / Crafting Items Charm

The second shrine awards you with a Charm that doubles supplies and crafting item drops. It’s on a tall hill between Archer’s Rise and Sakimori Overlook in the Azamo Prefecture.

This charm is called the Charm of Inari, and it’s much easier to spot on the map. Just starting from Archer’s Rise, you’ll spot this shrine at the top of a mountain to the southeast. Climb up to the top, you can’t miss it!