Black Ops 4 Zombies: Voyage of Despair – How To Get A Free Kraken | Chest Puzzle Guide

The Kraken is required for the main Easter egg quest in “Voyage of Despair” — and it’s also an awesome Wonder Weapon. You’ll want to get your Zombie-fighting mitts on this powerful, versatile little gun to last long against the hordes. You can always grab a Kraken from the Mystery Box, but there’s another, cheaper way to get one.

If you’re willing to solve a little locked chest puzzle, you can get a Kraken totally for free. If you’re tired of wasting money on random Mystery Box rolls, this is a pretty good option. You’ll need to destroy one of those challenging Stoker mini-boss zombies, then unlock a hidden chest. The rest is pretty straightforward — as long as you know where to look.

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How To Get A Free Kraken | Chest Puzzle Guide

The Kraken is a powerful Wonder Weapon that can be acquired from the Mystery Box in “Voyage of Despair” — it can be upgraded with four different elemental ammo types. To get the Kraken for free, without using the Mystery Box, follow these steps.

  • Step #1: Get The Chest Key
    • Kill a Stoker (large glowing mini-boss special zombie) by shooting the glowing spot.
    • If you successfully kill the Stoker by shooting the glowing spot, it will drop a key.
    • [Interact] to collect the key.
  • Step #2: Open The Random Chest
    •  A chest will spawn in a random location.
    • Use the key to open the chest. Then kill zombies to charge the chest with souls until it disappear.
    • Chest Spawn Locations:
      • State Rooms
      • Galley
      • Mail Room
      • Provisions
      • Turbine Room
  • Step #3: Charge The Chest 3 Times
    • You need to find the chest and charge it three times total.
    • It will disappear after being charged with zombie souls and reappear in a new random location.
    • After three charges, an item will appear in the chest.
  • Step #4: Find The Kraken
    • Depending on the item inside the chest (from the third charge), you’ll be able to track down the kraken’s location.
    • When you find the right location, a tentacle will appear from the waters and drop the Kraken on the deck.
      • If the chest contains a Telescope… go to the Poop Deck.
      • If the chest contains a Compass… go to the Boat Deck.

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