Destiny 2: Forsaken – Everything New That’s Appeared After The ‘Last Wish’ Raid Was Completed

The ‘Last Wish’ raid has been released and completed by a team of dedicated Guardians in Destiny 2: Forsaken — but that isn’t the end of the special events.

It seems beating the boss at the end of the raid in The Dreaming City has actually caused a cascade of new events to appear for everyone. You don’t need to actually complete the Raid to see all of its effects, and there are tons of new secrets to discover in The Dreaming City right now.

Join us as we delve into The Dreaming City and list everything that’s new you can find — we’re only listing stuff that’s totally new, but there’s plenty to find. You can take part in a new mission, join in the Heroic Version of the Blind Well, or hop into an all-new Gambit map.

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Everything New In The Dreaming City | Heroics, Missions, Triumphs & Strikes

Before I get into detail on each individual new activity, let’s check out a quick list. Here’s a fast overview of (just about) everything new. These changes appeared after the first completion of the Forsaken DLC’s exclusive ‘Last Wish’ raid.

  • What’s New In The Dreaming City:
    • New Petra Venj Mission: ‘Broken Courier’
    • New Strike: ‘Corrupted’
    • Blind Well Public Event Can Now Be Made Heroic
    • New Dreaming City Patrols
    • New Gambit Map: ‘Cathedral of Stars’

Essentially, there are five new major updates to the game. You don’t need to complete the Raid to see these changes — these are global additions everyone can experience.

New Petra Venj Mission: ‘Broken Courier’

  • You can access this mission from Petra Venj in The Strand. Just talk to her and you’ll be able to go on the ‘Broken Courier’ mission. It takes you to the Garden of Esila.
    • The mission is recommended PL 385.
  • There’s a bonus triumph you can now unlock in the Garden of Esila while on this mission — look under the third bridge to fight a named Taken Knight called ‘Odynom”. If you defeat it, you’ll unlock a triumph.

New Strike: ‘Corrupted’

  • The strike can be accessed from the Director menu in The Dreaming City.

Blind Well Public Event Can Now Be Made Heroic

  • You can now make the Blind Well Public Event Heroic.
  • To do this, you’ll need to reach Tier 3, then place an ‘Unstable Charge’ into the center well before the reward chests spawn.
  • Two bosses will appear in the Heroic version of the PE. To make them vulnerable, defeat the “Screebs” adds.

New Dreaming City Patrols

  • There are three new patrol flags in The Dreaming City. Techeun give you the quests instead of Queensguard.
    • Divalian Mists: Slightly northeast of the landing zone. Next to a big rock in the blue waters.
    • The Strand: Standing in a rocky corner, northwest of the Gardens of Esila entrance.
    • Rheasilvia: On a grassy hill just northeast of the passage leading down to The Strand.

New Gambit Map: ‘Cathedral of Stars’

  • The last change isn’t unique to The Dreaming City. Instead, you’ll be able to join the ‘Cathedral of Stars’ as a bonus Gambit map.

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