Destiny 2: Forsaken – All 10 Ascendant Chest Locations | Secrets Guide

Ascendant Chests are special, enhanced chests you can only find in The Dreaming City, the second major zone added in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion. The Dreaming City itself is full of mysteries, and finding all 10 Ascendant Chests is nigh impossible without a little extra help. You’ll also need plenty of ‘Tincture of Queensfoil’ — it lasts a very long time, allowing you to see platforms that you can’t normally interact with.

Each Ascendant Chest gives you rare gear and Dark Fragments, which are useful because you can trade them to Venj in The Strand for different Tiers of items that activate the Blind Well Public Event, which is kind of like an even-harder horde mode for Guardians slowly working up through the Power Level ranks.

These Ascendant Chests are intensively well-hidden. If the text guide below isn’t helping you out, watch the video above for further clarification.

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All 10 Ascendant Chest Locations | Secrets Guide


Ascendant Chests are unique, hidden chests found in The Dreaming City. Find all 10 to complete a secret milestone. To see Ascendant Chests, you must consume a ‘Tincture of Queensfoil‘ — using one will give you the ‘Ascendance’ buff. While active, certain hidden platforms will become visible when you get close.

  • Ascendant Chest #1: Divalian Mists – Enter the ‘Bay of Drowned Wishes’ Lost Sector. Found on the second large rock to the right of the entrance. Climb the rock
  • Ascendant Chest #2: Divalian Mists – Go into the first room of the large cathedral that leads up to the Blind Well Public Event. On the left side as you enter, you’ll be able to see the first invisible rock from above. Follow many of these stone blocks up until you reach the ascendant chest.
  • Ascendant Chest #3: The Strand – Located directly behind Venj. Step behind and the first platform will appear.
  • Ascendant Chest #4: The Strand – Another hidden chest is located in the ‘Aphelion’s Rest’ Lost Sector. After the boss room, enter the “shortcut” ledge. The chest is to the far right in the dark corner. There’s no jumping required to get this chest.
  • Ascendant Chest #5: The Strand – In the Gardens of Esila, reach the end (where the Confluence portal is located) and step onto the long bridge with the tree. The invisible / taken Portal only appears to the right of the bridge to the single tree.
  • Ascendant Chest #6: Divalian Mists – Return to the Spine of Keres, the first zone of the game, and go back to the beach where you first spawned for this mission. From this beach, turn right and hug the beach wall until you see two large rocky spires. Run between them to (just barely) see the invisible path that eventually leads to the Ascendant Chest. Beware, there’s a long blind jump at the large circle.
  • Ascendant Chest #7: The Confluence – One of the easiest Ascendant Chests to get is located in the Confluence, an area that connects all the Dreaming City sub-zones to each other. Find the ghostly portal, and you can use him whenever you want.
  • Ascendant Chest #8: Rheasilvia – Just outside the doors to the ‘Harbinger’s Seclude’ — stick to the right as you enter the door’s courtyard and jump along the path of stone rocks. This is tricky, but it eventually leads to a hard-to-find platform path.
  • Ascendant Chest #9: Rheasilvia – Found in the ‘Harbinger’s Seclude’ area underground. Reach the giant, tall room before you reach the elevator. On the opposite side from the entrance, there’s a circular plaza that leads to a stone statue. On this first circle, look on the right side and follow the blocks far up. Watch out for the false path early in the trip.
  • Ascendant Chest #10: Rheasilvia – Located at the end of the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector. Clear the room, and you’ll reach a balcony that looks high over the first cavern. With Queensfoil active, you can jump to a stone block straight ahead.

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