Super Mario Odyssey: All Outfit Power Moons Locations & Solutions Guide

Dress for success in Super Mario Odyssey with all the Power Moons you can earn with outfits. As you travel, you’ll encounter locked doors and NPCs that want to see a particular look. They’ll usually drop a clue or give a hint, but they’ll never outright state what outfit they want to see. If you’re stumped, or just don’t want to waste your hard-earned gold (or purple) coins on clothing, then we’ve got all the answers and locations listed below.

There are multiple different types of outfit-based Power Moons. Some are simple — an NPC will request to see Mario wearing a specific outfit. Other times, you’ll need to dress up and an NPC will let Mario enter a bonus area. Either way, find a list of locations (and what outfit you need) in the list below.

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All Outfit Power Moons Locations & Solutions Guide

All outfit requests can be purchased from Crazy Cap; either with gold coins or purple coins. You don’t need to earn a certain amount of Power Moons or use amiibo — no exclusive or restricted outfits are required to earn the following Power Moons.


  • Outfit Request #1: Cascade Kingdom – Return to the boss arena at the top of the hill and talk to the Cap Kingdom ghost.
    • Solution: Wear the Caveman Outfit / Caveman Headwear
  • Outfit Request #2: Sand Kingdom – Talk to the skeleton NPC in the back-left corner of the town exterior, beside the locked door. When the door is unlocked, stand in the circle to play until a moon appear.
    • Solution: Wear the Poncho / Sombrero
  • Outfit Request #3: Lake Kingdom – From the Water Plaza, cross over to the left of the Crazy Cap store. Talk to the NPC at the locked door. Throw Cappy at the dress and keep him spinning to get a secret moon.
    • Solution: Wear the Swimwear / Swim Goggles
  • Outfit Request #4: Wooded Kingdom – Drop down into the deep dark forest from the edge of the map, then follow the stream to a waterfall. There’s a locked door and an NPC guarding it.
    • Solution: Wear the Explorer Outfit / Explorer Hat.
  • Outfit Request #5: Metro Kingdom – Talk to the NPC in a hard hat at the café to the left of the central plaza. This unlocks a bonus area in the clouds with two Power Moons to collect.
    • Solution: Wear the Builder Outfit / Builder Helmet
  • Outfit Request #6: Metro Kingdom – Still at the café, run down the alley to the left of the Builder Outfit door, and back around the skyscraper. There’s a path in the back-left corner of the map with a single NPC.
    • Solution: Wear the Cloud Suit / Clown Hat
  • Outfit Request #7: Snow Kingdom – Enter Shiveria Town and talk to the NPC across from the Crazy Cap door.
    • Solution: Wear the Boxer Shorts
  • Outfit Request #8: Snow Kingdom – Still in Shiveria Town, climb up the pole to the upper level of the main area. Talk to the NPC beside the locked door. There’s a bonus area with two Power Moons.
    • Solution: Wear the Snow Suit / Snow Hood
  • Outfit Request #9: Seaside Kingdom – Go to the Resort area, west of the Odyssey. The NPC is standing near the main building with a locked door. Dance in the circle to get your Power Moon.
    • Solution: Wear the Resort Outfit / Resort Hat
  • Outfit Request #10: Luncheon Kingdom – Found right in the middle of the festival plaza. Talk to the NPC in the building to the left of the Crazy Cap store. There are two Power Moons to earn in this bonus level.
    • Solution: Wear the Chef Suit / Chef Hat
  • Outfit Request #11: Luncheon Kingdom – Climb up the hills to the back-left of the previous locked door. There’s a Wooded Kingdom robot up high that wants to see Mario wearing a specific suit.
    • Solution: Wear the Mechanic Outfit / Mechanic Cap
  • Outfit Request #12: Bowser’s Kingdom – Look behind the Crazy Cap shop at the Souvenir warp flag. There’s a locked door with an especially cool mural bonus level containing two Power Moons.
    • Solution: Wear the Samurai Armor / Samurai Helmet
  • Outfit Request #13: Moon Kingdom – Go to the Wedding Hall interior and talk to the Snow Kingdom NPC to the right.
    • Solution: Wear the Doctor Outfit / Doctor Headwear
  • Outfit Request #15: Mushroom Kingdom – Behind Peach’s Castle, find the locked door on the stone steps above the Goomba Forest area. Talk to the Toad beside the door. There’s a Mario 64 tribute area inside with two Power Moons.
    • Solution: Wear the Mario 64 Suit / Mario 64 Cap
  • Outfit Request #16: Lake Kingdom – The Style Sisters are on the platform above the Water Plaza.
    • Solution #1: Silver Style Sister – Wear the Pirate Outfit / Pirate Hat
    • Solution #2: Red Style Sister – Wear the Space Suit / Space Helmet
    • Solution #3: Blue Style Sister – Wear the Cowboy Outfit / Cowboy Hat

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