Breath of the Wild – All 10 Zora Stone Monuments Locations | Quest Guide

On WiiU & Switch: Track down all the missing Zora Monuments in the Lanayru Region with this easy-to-follow gallery of map locations.

After freeing the Zora’s Domain from the dangers of Vah Ruta in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will find plenty of side-quests to complete. One of the trickier jobs involves 10 hidden Zora Stone Monuments. Okay, maybe “hidden” is the wrong word here. Each monument is marked with two blue torches, so they can be seen from a pretty good distance. The problem is that they’re spread out all across the Zora River.

Finding them all takes a lot of time. To make life easier for Link, we’ve snapped shots of each monument location you’ll need. There are actually eleven monuments, counting the stone slab in the Zora’s Domain, but only ten are absolutely required. One of the monuments even reveals the location of the Zora Armor helmet. For the record, the helmet is in Toto Lake, in a submerged treasure chest you can collect with Magnesis.

All 10 Zora Stone Monuments Locations | Quest Guide

To start the Zora Stone Monuments quest, talk Jiahto in the Zora’s Domain. He’s studying a stone monument beneath the King’s Chamber. This quest is only available after appeasing the Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Jiahto sends Link to read 10 stone monuments that are found outside the Zora’s Domain. You likely encountered one or two while travelling along the Zora River to reach the city. For the rest, we took pictures — check out the gallery to find all the monuments.


Return to Jiahto after reading all the monuments to get a hard-earned Diamond for your trouble. These valuables can be sold for 500 rupees, traded for replacement spears at the Zora Domain shop, or exchanged for Ancient-Protection jewelry in Gerudo Town. There are money uses for Diamonds, so we suggest holding onto them until you really need some rupees.

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