Destiny: Post-Dawning, Here’s How to Get Abbadon / Nova Mortis Exotics

Destiny’s holiday-inspired Dawning event is over, but that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on two awesome Exotic weapons. The Abbadon and the Nova Mortis are still available to collect. Unlocking these heavy Machine Guns isn’t the same as it once was. Find all the info you’ll need to unlock Abbadon / Nova Mortis, even if you missed 2016’s Dawning event, with the step-by-step instructions below.

The Dawning event brought Christmas-themed cheer to The Tower, along with tons of free gifts and the Sparrow Racing League. It was a pretty hefty event, with snowglobe helmets and joke-gifts galore. It also introduced a few new Exotic variants to the mix, and at least two of those Machine Guns are still available through alternate means. For players that visited family or couldn’t access a console during the season, this is a pretty nice gesture from Bungie.

How to Get the Abbadon & Nova Mortis Exotics | Post-Dawning

To unlock Abbadon / Nova Mortis during The Dawning, originally you’d have to level up The Dawning record book to Rank 7. Doing so would reward you with Xur’s Tag — this item allowed your Guardian to open the Xur’s Treasure present box on the Tower. Inside that present, you’d find the Tattered Schematic — take the schematic to Ikora Rey and the official Nova Mortis Exotic quest would begin.

Completing the Nova Mortis quest “Songs from the Void” would lead to the Exotic quest for the Abbadon. It was all pretty straightforward, but now that Xur’s Present is missing, you’ll have to find the Tattered Schematic through alternate means.

  • How to Get The Tattered Schematic
    1. Your Dawning Record Book still exists and can be leveled up in-game. Sparrow Races / Dawning Strikes are available through private matches and can be soloed to increase your rank.
    2. Reach Rank 7 to gain Xur’s Tag. If you have Xur’s Tag but don’t have the Xur’s Treasure present, you can still get the Tattered Schematic.
    3. Dismantle Xur’s Tag to gain the Tattered Schematic and 25 Strange Coins.

Now that you’ve got the Tattered Schematic, simply take it over to Ikora Rey to begin “Songs from the Void” — now you can complete her quest chain to earn both the Nova Mortis and the Abbadon. Pretty nifty, right?

This awesome trick was originally shared by Youtuber KackisHD, so drop by his channel for even more useful Destiny videos.

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