Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get 5 Exotic Raid Chests Solo | Glitch Guide


Destiny fans have found a way to glitch into the Wrath of the Machine raid, allowing Guardians to grab up to five exotic raid chests without even fighting a single boss. This is  a totally insane glitch, and it will almost certainly get patched, but we’re going to explain how it all works for posterity.

All three classes, using the proper agility builds, can glitch through the Wrath of the Machine raid’s entrance. The Rise of Iron-exclusive raid gives up some awesome high-level light gear, so hungry players have been working over-time, looking for ways to farm exotic engrams. This method can be done totally solo, and can possibly net you 5 free raid chests, without a single boss fight blocking your progress.

How to Get 5 Exotic Raid Chests Solo | Glitch Guide

First off, you’ll need the proper build before attempting this glitch. These are the recommendations given by Redditor esoterickk — you can check out his Youtube videos here for even more in-depth help.

The trick is using the sword and max agility jumps to phase through the initial entrance into the raid. That way Guardians dodge the first invisible triggers that spawn bosses / enemies and can fully explore the raid area solo.

  • Enter the Wrath of the Machine Raid solo and one of the class / build combos listed above in the requirements.
  • At the raid entrance, use the pillars / girders to climb up and though — at a certain point the Guardian will die and respawn inside the raid itself, but without the enemies.
  • Guardians will  have access to 5 exotic chests, without having to fight a single boss.


Getting through the raid isn’t exactly straightforward — there are gates along the way, so check out the impressive video to see everything involved. This is a crazy glitch, and we might see a delay in the latest updates now that everyone knows about it. We’ll wait and see how Bungie chooses to respond.

[Check out this video by Youtuber Esoterickk to see exactly how to make all the jumps to enter the raid solo.]


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