Destiny: Rise of Iron’s First Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris Dated


Bungie has provided updates on the return of two Destiny multiplayer events and discussed some of the current issues players have encountered when trying to find better Ghosts and Artifacts.

The first Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner events since Rise of Iron‘s launch will take place in the coming days, Bungie announced. Trials kicks off tomorrrow, September 30th at 10 AM PT on an unspecified map. Bungie said it will play as it always has, but with new gear available for those who participate.

Iron Banner returns Tuesday, October 4th at 10 AM. It will be played in Rise of Iron‘s new game mode, Supremacy, but as previously stated, there will be some changes to how progression is handled.

The Tempered effect does not exist any longer, this previously provided additional reputation rewards as the conclusion neared. The gains you make on the same day of Iron Banner will now be the same as they are on the last. Iron Banner wins net you 250 reputation, and Iron Medallions provide 150 once you win.

There are now four weekly bounties tied to Iron Banner, with possible rewards including 25 Legendary Marks. Iron Banner reputation (in chunks of 750 at a time) and items. The items can be Iron Banner gear that’s not available from the vendor, or an Iron Banner Artifact or vanity item.

There will be an auto rifle, shotgun, and armor for each class up for grabs. In addition, Senior designer Victoria Dollbaum noted that the struggle to find better Ghosts and Artifacts is not necessarily intentional.

“We’re looking into the way Destiny: Rise of Iron rewards the completion of activities with items that will increase your Light,” she explained. “Currently, our opinion is that Ghosts and Artifacts are dropping less frequently than intended, making it difficult for players to reach higher Light after 365. In the weeks to come, we’ll be investigating a solution that provides alternate max Light sources for these two slots. Additionally, when the Heroic raid is released, many Activities and all Engrams will increase their maximum Light, making it easier overall to progress.”

The Heroic raid, the standard version of which debuted last Friday, does not have a release date yet.