Destiny: Rise of Iron – Now You Can Skip the Siege Engine Raid Boss


Get revenge on that annoying Siege Engine sequence by skipping it completely with this new glitch discovered by the Destiny community.

The Wrath of the Machine raid is a brutal slog that eventually leads to an epic encounter with a gigantic Splicer machine called the Siege Engine. During this fight, you’ll have to destroy turrets, ride the vehicle to a second arena, then carry vehicle parts to “repair” the busted machine. Dragging the heavy parts is the most difficult part of the sequence, each object quickly exhausting your super-human Guardians, only allowing for a few precious seconds of movement. Basically, it’s very slow, aggravating, and Destiny players have been hungry to find an easier solution.

That solution has arrived with this glitched wall in the Siege Engine arena. Hopping into a certain barrier lets you pass-through the wall and totally avoid the most annoying parts of this boss. Check out the video and explanation below for a quick explanation on how this works — and if you’re not into cheating, keep an eye on your Guardian pals incase they get any funny ideas about using exploits.

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Wrath of the Machine – How to Skip the Siege Engine

NOTE: This is a bug and will most likely be patched soon. If you want to use this exploit, probably best to use it soon.

Check out the video by Redditor NotTheLoneWolf to see how it’s done. If you haven’t yet started the raid, or want a low-spoilers explanation, check out the quickie text tutorial below.

How To Skip the Encounter:

  1. At the top of the Cosmodrome Wall, there is a barrier fence straight ahead (opposite the Siege Engine) — the wall on the lower-right edge can be passed through.
    • To the right of the railing, look down for a diagonal chunk of concrete — hop onto this piece of concrete to the down and right of the right-hand railing and jump/push through the visible wall.
  2. You’ll appear on the other side of the wall. This is the second phase of the Siege Boss arena, and the barrier ahead can be passed-through in exactly the same way as the first.
    • Jump onto the (larger this time) concrete section to the right of the right-hand electrified ledge. Push into the corrugated metal visible wall on the diagonal concrete slant to move through the barrier.
  3. Now you can jump down to the rock bridge far beneath the wall below and collect the Exotic chest that still spawns.

That’s a pretty huge exploit, effectively allowing your team to skip 1/5th of the raid’s content. It’s all up to you if you’re interested in this sort of thing. Just make sure to ask your team before you leave them in the dust!

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