Rumor: Destiny 2 Will Release On PC



Thanks to a post on both NeoGAF and Kotaku sources, a new rumor has started to spread online that suggest Destiny 2 will release on the PC platform along with consoles. This newly added platform will bring in plenty of new gamers to the franchise that missed out on the first installment. However, more importantly, it seems that Destiny 2 will be a completely new game.

The unannounced sequel to Destiny was first brought to gamers attention on NeoGAF where a user by the name of benny_a stated his friend that works at Activision confirmed the release of Destiny 2 on PC. This announcement was first given to employees by the publisher during their internal presentation. Additionally, helping out with the development process alongside Bungie is Vicarious Visions.

As mentioned, there were other sources of Kotaku’s that gave some slight insight as to the development process of Destiny 2. Apparently, the game will be completely new and that could mean losing out characters, planets, and activities. This revamp of Destiny will give more populated planets with towns, outposts, and quests to take on.

An interesting topic that Kotaku brings up is if Bungie and Activision will allow gamers who spent countless hours in Destiny to bring over their character to the upcoming sequel. If they are building a completely new game, this very well may be an option gamers will not be able to take advantage of.

Regardless, these sources and statements will have to be marked as rumors for the time being. Bungie and Activision have yet to make any official statements regarding the latest rumors and statements.