Destiny’s The Dawning Is a Holiday Event That Introduces Sparrow Racing


Destiny‘s newest event, The Dawning, functions both as a holiday update and the start of Sparrow Racing Lague. Destiny community manager David Dague, in an interview with GameSpot, defined the holiday as such, “This is a holiday that is rooted in the fiction of our world; it just so happens to coincide with a time we are all celebrating our own things we can be thankful for. It’s an opportunity for Destiny to be festive but to also maintain its own lore and its own parallel universe.”

The Dawning event also brings sparrow racing and a new Strike scoring system. Sparrow racing will operate much like it did the previous year, with two new tracks to race on, and great drops you can earn.

However, this time, things are a little different gear can be infused, giving it a better chance to be more useful to you in the long term. Items drop based on your Light level, so you can grind up your light level through the SRL. You will also get an objective book if you own Rise of Iron, which will provide you will objectives as you race.

Dague revealed that, following The Dawning, sparrow racing will be added as an option for private matches. However, you won’t get the same sorts of rewards as in the races during The Dawning, but the option is still there.

Strike scoring will also be added in The Dawning record book, and puts players on a pathway to earning new Exotic heavy machine guns. Zavala will also have quests and bounties tied to Strike scoring, where you will earn rewards for things like killstreaks, flawless runs, or speed runs.

Three Strikes–The Shadow Thief, Nexus, and Will of Crota will be somewhat modified. There will be a new Hard mode modifier that introduces Devil Splicers into missions where they weren’t before. Dague also referenced other Exotics and the return of some weapon ornaments, but was not specific.

The Dawning begins for all owners of Rise of Iron on December 13th, and runs until January 3rd.