Destiny: Rise of Iron – Here’s the Best Place to Farm for Exotic Engrams


Gaining Light and exotic engrams can be a pretty painful chore in late-game Destiny, and that hasn’t exactly changed in Year 3, even with all the improvements to the Light system implemented. If you’re looking for lots of light, or just plenty of exotic engrams to unpack, then the amazing commentators (and the man himself, Youtuber TritanArmy) have found an mind-blowing place to farm for easy exotic engrams.

This method is reserved for high Light level Guardians, but it blows every other farming method out of he water. Here, fans have found a way to cut out those annoying load time between space travel — no need to exit the quest here — and the mission itself is set at Level 14, so even starting end-game Guardians can easily get in on the exploit-y action. Just check out the steps below and judge how easy this strategy is for yourself.

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Rise of Iron – Exotic Engrams Farming Guide

This method cuts out long loading times and makes earning exotics shockingly easy for high-level Guardians. Basically, you’ll get a chance to earn an exotic engram every 30 seconds — that’s 120 chances an hour. You’ll need lots of Three of Coins for the best possible odds — and you’re very likely to get an exotic after every 10 Three of Coins used. Not half bad, right? Here’s where you need to start.

  • Where to Farm Exotic Engrams:
    • Planet: Venus
    • Mission: Scourge of Winter (Level 14 Story)

Sprint through the mission and get to Draksis, the Ultra at the end of the path. Before entering his chamber, make sure to consume a Three of Coins to increase your chances of an Exotic engram drop.

Basically, if you’re farming for Light Level and Exotic Engrams, Draksis is absurdly easy. He’ll only take a handful of hits before going down — but he can still provide easy access to exotics. The trick is all about how fast you can kill this Ultra-enemy, respawn, and try again.

  • Requirement: You’re going to need a Rocket Launcher that can kill your Guardian in one hit. This is pretty important.

Alright, when you’re all ready — have a stack of Three of Coins, got yourself a Rocket Launcher with heavy ammo — then you can begin to farm. Here are the steps:

  1. Get to Draksis at the end of the Scourge of Winter mission on Venus.
  2. Pop a Three of Coins to increase your chances of an exotic engram drop.
  3. Kill Draksis (and yourself) at the exact same time.
    • This isn’t that tricky. Shoot Draksis until he only has a sliver of health left.
    • When he’s almost down, run up to Draksis and blast him point-blank with a Rocket Launcher.
    • If everything is working out, you and Draksis will die at the exact same time.
  4. Respawn and see what you earned. Collect the loot that dropped from Draksis.
    • All the loot Draksis dropped will remain in the arena after you (and Draksis!) respawns.
  5. Didn’t get anything good? Eat another Three of Coins, and try again — kill Draksis and yourself at the same time.
  6. Rinse and repeat until you get those delicious exotic engrams.

Using this method, some Guardians have reported earning up to ten exotic engrams in an hour — or, went from 372 Light to 382 Light in two hours.

That’s insane for this late in the game. It’s also absurdly easy to do. You’ll get lots of House Banners and purples too.

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