Destiny Year 2 Moments of Triumph Have Arrived

, as it did ¬†with Year 1, is again offering Moments of Triumph. Starting today, players can tackle a variety of tasks, from completing an Exotic sword quest to completing the Hard version of the King’s Fall Raid. These will provide the player with various in-game rewards.

For every two tasks the player completes, they will receive an object like an emblem or a shader as a reward.

Moments of Triumph are now available for Year 2.

Moments of Triumph for Year 2 will be available until September 20th, when Rise of Iron launches. The series of player quests launched today to coordinate with Bungie Day, which is celebrated every year on July 7th to commemorate the achievements of the developers.

As an extra generous gesture, the entire proceeds from the Bungie store in 2016 will be funneled over to the Bungie Foundation, its charity organization. If a player completes all of the Moments of Triumph, they will be able to purchase a special t-shirt to commemorate their accomplishments.