Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Fight The Secret Last Boss | Bonus Ending Guide

Being Bowser’s Fury once isn’t enough. If you want to get the true conclusion to this add-on to Super Mario 3D World, you’ll have to reach this true final boss. After getting the credits for the first time, Bowser Jr. makes it pretty clear that Bowser is still stuck in the black fury sludge. To free him (for real) you’ll need to play through a few more post-game challenges.

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How To Unlock The Secret Final Boss & Ending

  • How To Get The Secret Ending: Collect all 100 Shines and then initiate the final battle against Giga Bowser.

Getting all 100 Shines isn’t too hard. Use the guides above to get all the Shines in the levels — the other tricky Shines are related to the lost toads and kittens. Check out the guides linked above for their locations.

More 100% Tips

Otherwise, all the Shines will be marked on your map. Press [] to see all the Shine locations and travel to each. If you can’t reach them, you may need to wait until Giga Bowser appears for a path to form.

After getting the credits once, the new Lucky Shine Island will spawn whenever Giga Bowser appear — the island is bright gold, and spawns in one of several locations. Check your map when Giga Bowser attacks and the location will be lit-up. Usually you’ll need to use a ramp to reach the island. There are 5 Shines on the island, and it disappears each time you collect a Shine. Collect all 5 to complete this mini-event — you’ll have to visit the island (and its random location) 5 times.

If you’re confused about the bonus rooms, just remember to defeat every enemy when you ride a cloud and collect a star. If you defeat every enemy on the way to the end of the bonus stage, you’ll get a Shine.

After completing the game, new Plessie Medals will appear. To get them, you’ll need to follow the medals that appear — you’ll also have to jump off Plessie and back on as you chase the medals. Don’t worry about sticking with Plessie! Another will always be available to ride in your path.

What Is The Secret Final Boss & Ending?

Get 100% of the Shines, and Bowser will change forms. You’ll have to do battle with White-Haired Bowser! The final boss in both forms is much more powerful — Giga Bowser has a full HP bar, so you’ll need to use those big fury blocks often to knock him down.

The final phase is ridiculously hard. You’re going to get damaged with giga beams and other attacks, so bring at least +3 power-ups and use them whenever you’re about to get defeated.

Otherwise, this ending is (basically) the same as before. You defeat Bowser, but for real this time! He stays down, and Bowser Jr. draws you a special little painting to commemorate your time together.