Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Get All Cat Shines | Clawswipe Coliseum 100% Guide

Now here’s a unique level in the Super Mario 3D World canon. This level doesn’t look like much on your first visit, but every subsequent visit sees the level completely changed. It starts off as a squat coliseum, and slowly rises out of the water with every Shine Shard challenge you complete. Once you finish them all, the coliseum has become a tower that isn’t so easy to climb up into. Even if you’ve got the Cat Mario power-up.

Inside the Coliseum you’ll face special versions of classic Mario 3 mini-bosses. These guys are actually pretty tough, so you might want to learn how to use the power-up system in Bowser’s Fury. For every extra power-up you collect, it’ll get added to your inventory in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Press up on the [D-Pad] to pause the action and then press left / right to select which power-up you want to use. Bowser Jr. will toss you that power-up instantly, helping you escape plenty of jams.

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Clawsipe Coliseum 100% Completion Guide | All Cat Shines & Cat Coins

Every level in Bowser’s Fury has 5 Cat Shines and 5 Cat Coins. You’ll need to revisit the level +2 more times to get the last two Cat Shines.

Cat Shine #1: Swim in the the right side of the coliseum to reach the arena — or wait for Giga Bowser to appear and spawn a jump-pad near the cat gate. In the arena itself, a Cat Boom Boom will appear! This one is harder than normal Boom Booms — he turns invisible. Just wait for him to stop spinning then jump on his head. Do it three times to win.

Cat Coin #1: From the cat-eared entrance gate, the first coin is under the left gate.

Cat Coin #2: Reach the interior of the arena. In one of the gated window alcoves, there’s a coin.

Cat Coin #3: Underneath the arena itself! Look on the side opposite the steps.

Cat Coin #4: On the high walls of the arena.

Cat Coin #5: The last coin is floating high above the arena. Climb to the high walls with Cat Mario, then climb on the flinger launcher (opposite the lighthouse) to fling yourself toward the coin in the center.

Cat Shine #2: Collect all 5 cat coins to earn this shine.

Cat Shine #3: Return to the level later and you’ll see the coliseum has grown! It’s now two levels high. Go inside the arena to battle Cat Pom Pom this time — she spawns copies of herself. Aim for the version with a pink glowy ninja star. The blue stars are fakes.

Cat Shine #4: Once the tower is fully raised up out of the water, you’ll find the Bowser Blocks in the back-left corner from the cat-eared gate.

Cat Shine #5: The final shine is back in the coliseum. Return to the arena — this time it’s covered in spikes. It’s another fight against Cat Boom Boom, but spikes will emerge from the floor during the battle. Boom Boom also summons extra red shells that bounce around during the fight. Stock up on power-ups and use them by pressing [D-Pad: Up] when you take too much damage.