Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Get All Cat Shines | Slipskate Slope 100% Guide

The longest — literally — level in Bowser’s Fury appears in the Ruins Giga Bell area. The second zone of this mini Mario adventure is all about ice, weird buildings, and surprising twists on old Mario formulas. This time we’re getting a sliding slope level you can navigate with a giant ice-skate power-up. The first time through, you don’t need to rush at all.

But the second time? Then it’s all about speed. The final trip through the level turns things around, forcing you to backtrack from the end of the level to the beginning. Considering this is one of the biggest levels in the game, you might need help finding all the Cat Coins or the deviously hidden Bowser Blocks.

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Slipskate Slope 100% Completion Guide | All Cat Shines & Cat Coins

Every level in Bowser’s Fury has 5 Cat Shines and 5 Cat Coins. You’ll need to revisit the level +2 more times to get the last two Cat Shines.

Cat Coin #1: Grab the Skate Power-Up in the first area and defeat the tall stack of Goombas to get your coin.

Cat Coin #2: After the spike slide, you’ll find a ramp with a speed boost. Use a skate shoe to launch off the ramp and jump to reach this coin.

Cat Coin #3: In the obstacle area with the spinning floors and wall-spikes, there’s a coin on the left side.

Cat Coin #4: From the big spinning cylinder obstacle, you need the skate shoe to ramp off the higher ledge and land on top of the second cylinder. The coin is on top, on the far side.

Cat Coin #5: Through the second cylinder with spinning floors, there’s a ramp that launches you to the lighthouse. Use a skate and jump to reach it off this ramp!

Cat Shine #1: Collect all 5 Cat Coins to earn this shine.

Cat Shine #2: Reach the end of the level to collect this shine near the lighthouse.

Cat Shine #3: This hard-to-find Bowser Block shine is at the very end of the level. Jump down to the Giga Bell location from the lighthouse — then turn around.

Cat Shine #4: Complete the level once, then return to the entrance later to find the P-Switch to activate a Blue Coin challenge. Use the skate shoe and take it slow! Don’t hold [A] to speed up. Just go at a normal slow speed so you have more control. You should focus on collecting the coins and not missing — going fast and missing coins is worse than going slow and getting them all.

Cat Shine #5: For your third visit, a cage will appear at the start of the level. The key is located at the very end near the lighthouse — the trick is platforming back to the beginning. From the lighthouse, use the right path to backtrack and use the blocks to jump up. Continue toward the start of the level, using the blocks under each ramp to climb higher. At the first ramp, jump on the stone ledges to the left / right to avoid the spikes. Then you’re home free!