Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Get All Cat Shines | Risky Whiskers Island 100% Guide

Risky Whiskers Island is right. This is the first level that suspends Mario above a lake of fury goop — and almost the entire stage is made of falling platforms, so you’ll have to keep moving or it’s a quick defeat in the gunk. Despite the dangers, this is a quick little level that you can complete in just a few minutes — and like all the levels, you’ll need to return for a second / third round of challenges.

This is the first level we’re tackling in the final region of Bowser’s Fury. Once you deplete Fury Bowser’s HP meter twice, you’ll unlock the raised section of the lake that’s completely covered in Fury slime. You’ll have to navigate to the Wasteland Giga Bell island where you can access three levels. One of them is blocked off by goo, so we’re getting started right here.

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Risky Whiskers Island 100% Completion Guide | All Cat Shines & Cat Coins

Every level in Bowser’s Fury has 5 Cat Shines and 5 Cat Coins. You’ll need to revisit the level +2 more times to get the last two Cat Shines.

Cat Shine #1: This one is easy. The first shine shard spawns Fury Shadow Luigi — chasing him in this level is hard, so press [R] and send Bowser Jr. to attack him instead! Three hits and you can aim at any range.

Cat Coin #1: Let’s go clockwise in a circle around the level. Starting from the cat gate, go left and you’ll see this coin floating above the timed platforms.

Cat Coin #2: Continuing clockwise, you’ll see this one in the back-left corner.

Cat Coin #3: Behind the lighthouse, in the center-back of the level area. Climb the falling platform steps to reach it.

Cat Coin #4+#5: Both are on the final stretch, on the right side of the level from the starting gate. You can’t miss them.

Cat Shine #2: Collect all 5 Cat Coins to earn this shine.

Cat Shine #3: After clearing the black ooze below the main area of the level, drop down to the island and you’ll find the Bowser Blocks in the center. Wait for Bowser to appear to blast the blocks!

Cat Shine #4: When you return to this level, it will be covered in Fuzzies — weird little critters you can’t normally defeat. To get the shine shard here, pick up the Piranha Planter and carry it near the Fuzzies. The plant will eat them up. Eat all the Fuzzies in the level to earn the shine shard.

Cat Shine #5: A new button will appear when you return later. This is an obstacle course challenge — sprint to the end, and don’t worry about dodging the big bomb balls. When Mario touches them while running, he’ll kick them away. Use the last two bomb balls to break through the wall.