Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Get All Cat Shines | Fur Step Island 100% Guide

We’ve come full circle in the final level for Bowser’s Fury, the super-weird little bonus game included in Super Mario 3D World on Nintendo Switch. Bowser is defeated, but you’ll gain access to one more little extra level once you return to the lake. We won’t call this a secret level. Really, it’s just the level you start the game in — but now you can get the other four shines!

And it’s all the same challenges. There are Shine Shards to find, Bower Blocks to break, and a Fury Shadow to smash. One of the challenges is a little stranger than the rest — you’ll need to find a specific graffiti spot and use Bowser Jr. on it. If you’ve been neglecting Bowser Jr. you just might need a little help with this one.

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Fur Step Island 100% Completion Guide | All Cat Shines & Cat Coins

Every level in Bowser’s Fury has 5 Cat Shines and 5 Cat Coins. You’ll need to revisit the level +2 more times to get the last two Cat Shines.

Cat Shine #1: The first Cat Shine Shard is unlocked during the tutorial area. This area later unlocks after completing the main part of the story. When you return, this level will be fully playable.

Cat Shine #2: The Bowser Blocks are pretty easy to spot this time around. They’re on the grassy ledge past Toadette’s Camp but before getting on Bowser’s crashed flying ship.

Cat Shine #3: Go to Bowser’s crashed ship and press [R] — then use the pointer to aim at the “?” graffiti on the ship’s carpet floor. Press [R] again and Bowser Jr. will paint Mario a special gift.

Cat Coin #1: The first cat coin is on the high cat-shaped mountains to the right of the level entrance. Use a Cat Mario power-up to climb up and grab it.

Cat Coin #2: At the crashed ship near the starting point there’s a fallen wooden mast. Climb up to the top!

Cat Coin #3: Drop into the water on the outer edge of the level to find a section of the crashed ship missing. In this watery alcove, there’s a cat coin.

Cat Coin #4: Go to the front of the ship where you’ll find Bowser’s ugly mug on the bow. There’s also a Cat Shard on his nose.

Cat Coin #5: Near the Lighthouse there’s a tall stack of Goombas with this Cat Shard.

Cat Shine #4: Collect all 5 Cat Coins to earn this Shine.

Cat Shine #5: And the last Cat Shine is easy. Another Fury Shadow — you know what to do, send Bowser Jr to bash the black slime Luigi when he taunts you.