Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – All Lost Kitten Locations | Daisy Cat Quest Guide

After defeating Giga Bowser and completing the game, some new challenges will appear in the playable world of Bowser’s Fury. At each of the three Giga Bells, you’ll find a crying cat that’s lost her kittens. Each location is trickier than the last, and finding all the lost kittens at each spot will earn you a Shine — for a total of three shines. This is one of the harder challenges waiting for Mario in the post-game, so we’ve got all the locations you need.

One of the most annoying aspects of this challenge is Giga Bowser. When he appears, all cats will go feral and attack! That includes any cats your’ trying to save, making it impossible to bring them back safely. You’ll have to patiently wait for Bowser to go away before you can complete your mini-quest. Personally, I recommend just going as fast as possible — which you can do with these screenshots and locations.

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All Lost Kitten Locations | Daisy Cat Quest Guide

There are crying cat mothers near each of the giga bells. To complete their mini-quest, you’ll need to find all four of their kittens and return them — you’ll have to carry them by hand, so you cant wall-jump or use power-ups while returning them.

For every lost kitten quest you complete, you’ll earn a Shine.

  • Daisy Cat | Lakeside Giga Bell
    • Kitten #1: Right behind the giga bell, playing with a baseball on the same island.
  • Daisy Cat | Ruins Giga Bell
    • Kitten #1: On the sandy beach on the same island with the mother cat. Just turn around from her location and drop down to find this kitten.
    • Kitten #2: The next kitten is on top of the Clawswipe Coliseum entrance gate. You’ll have to climb up to grab her!
    • Kitten #3: The last kitten is at the entrance gate to Crisp Climb Tower. Getting back is the tricky part — you’ll need to use the moving ice platform. The platform takes you down to Trickity Tower, where you can get back to the mother cat.
  • Daisy Cat | Wasteland Giga Bell
    • Kitten #1: The first kitten is on the same island as the mother — go to the passage leading to Risky Whiskers Island and check the cliff edge to the left.
    • Kitten #2: To the right of the Giga Bell, go to the entrance to Pipe Path Tower. The kitten is right next to the gate. Getting back up is tricky. You’ll have to carefully walk on the glass pipe!
    • Kitten #3: There’s another kitten on the Wasteland Giga Bell island — go to the big dock you first used to reach the Wasteland Giga Bell island. The kitten is on the far end of the dock.
    • Kitten #4: The next kitten is on the island underneath the Risky Whiskers Island level. Look in the Bowser Block alcove after letting Giga Bowser destroy it to find the kitten. To get back up, you’ll need to activate a hidden path of invisible “?” blocks to the right of the alcove.
    • Kitten #5: The last kitten is next to the Mount Magmeow lighthouse. Use the glass pipe to get up there!