Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – All Hidden Toad Locations | Toadette Quest Guide

After beating Giga Bowser and getting the ending credits in Bowser’s Fury, you’ll be able to explore a “new” island — it’s really just the level you started your adventure from, but with a few extra Shines to grab. One of those shines is related to a mini-quest with Toadette. You’ll find her camp near the crashed armada ship — approaching will reveal there are four lost toads.

And these toads aren’t anywhere near Toadette’s location. They can be literally anywhere on the map, so finding them is a real pain. There are only four of them, but some are hidden under levels, in secret alcoves, or at the top of tall peaks. We’ve got screenshots and text to help you find them all and get closer to 100% completion.

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All Hidden Toad Locations | Toadette Quest Guide

After completing the story and watching the credits, you’ll be able to return to the lake and earn more Shines. One is located in a bonus level — Fur Step Island in the starting region. Near Bowser’s crashed ship, you’ll find Toadette. When you get close, you’ll see she’s missing four adventuring toads.

All you have to do is find the toad and rescue them from whatever danger they’re in. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with a Shine for a total of four Shines.

  • Toad #1: The first toad is to the right of the gate to Scamper Shores, the first level. Defeat the enemies chasing him!
  • Toad #2: The next toad is at Slipskate Slope. He’s in a very hard-to-find position near the entrance. Grab a flying block and drop down below the first slope — underneath the ramp, there’s a hidden alcove where this toad is hiding.
  • Toad #3: Far, far north of Crisp Climb Castle, there’s a tiny island on the edge of the map. Use the springs to launch yourself across the black sludge. You’ll find toad on this little lost island.
  • Toad #4: Climb Mount Magmeow and reach the very top. This only unlocks after you’ve completed the level at least once. When you’re on the peak, look in the back corner for a lower ledge — that’s where Toad is being chased. Defeat the enemy to save the last toad!