Super Mario 3D World: Bowser’s Fury – How To Get All Cat Shines | Roiling Roller Isle 100% Guide

Roiling Roller Isle is an optional end-game level — and one of the trickiest in the game for a very simple reason. Instead of walking around on dry land, you’ll have to get Mario to sprint through spinning platforms. This ain’t Mario Galaxy — if you’re on the wrong edge of the roller, you’ll fall into lava. If you’ve got the right power-ups, this level is way easier.

To earn all the shines, you’ll have to explore every rectangular edge of the map. There are shine shards hidden in secret alcoves, between rollers, and on hard-to-reach edges. Then you’ll have to go up and back down the entire stage with a key — or sprint through an obstacle course in record time. You’ll find the Bowser Blocks easily though. They’re literally right next to the entrance.

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Roiling Roller Isle 100% Completion Guide | All Cat Shines & Cat Coins

Every level in Bowser’s Fury has 5 Cat Shines and 5 Cat Coins. You’ll need to revisit the level +2 more times to get the last two Cat Shines.

Cat Shine #1: Like on Mount Magmeow, the Bowser Blocks are right at the start of the level. Just look to the right of the cat gate entrance to the level, on the big gray tower.

Cat Coin #1: The first Shine Shard is located in the gap in the big blue roller at the start of the level. It looks treacherous, but there’s actually an invisible platform underneath it.

Cat Coin #2: The second Shine Shard is at the far back of the blue roller — the first lava-covered roller in the level. If you don’t see it, just wait for it to circle all the way around.

Cat Coin #3: After getting off the blue roller, you’ll reach an area packed with stacked Goombas. The third coin is on the tallest Goomba stack!

Cat Coin #4: On the green roller, grab a Bob-Bomb and smash the stone blocks in the blue roller past it.

Cat Coin #5: The last coin is on the second green roller. It’s on the very tip of a long ledge, so a Raccoon Suit will be very handy here.

Cat Shine #2: Collect all 5 Cat Coins to earn this Shine.

Cat Shine #3: Reach the top of the level to find this shine. There are multiple Raccoon Suit power-ups in the big stacks of bonus blocks. Those make this level way, way easier.

Cat Shine #4: Return to this level later to find an Obstacle Course button. Activating it creates a series of platforms — reach the end before 20 seconds to get the Shine. This one is very straightforward, and a Raccoon Suit or Cat Suit will make it much easier.

Cat Shine #5: The last Cat Shine is a key challenge. Reach the very top of the level, then take the key back down to the entrance. The Raccoon Suit power-up makes this so, so much easier. Grab one from the Bob-Bomb spawner and then you can safely glide back down.