Super Mario 3D World Switch Release Listing Discovered

The Nintendo Switch is a hot topic as of late. Not only has it been an immensely popular video game platform to have released in the market, but its popularity continues to thrive during this time of socialization distancing. In fact, it was reported that bots are being used just to secure a unit when Nintendo Switch gets put back in stock at retailers. With that said, another reason Nintendo Switch may receive some fanfare as of late is due to the 35th anniversary of Super Mario

There has been plenty of rumors and supposed leaks emerging online that suggest we’re going to see a ton of Mario soon for the console platform. One of the rumor suggestions is that Nintendo will be bringing out several different remasters for their line of 3D Mario games. If this is true, we can imagine there will be more than a few consumers interested in replaying these classic games once again on the Nintendo Switch with an overhaul in graphics. 

However, nothing is official at the moment, but a new rumored leak has gained quite a bit of attention. Wario64 on Twitter has proven to release some reliable information online and the latest is a listing. Apparently, Best Buy has a listing for a Nintendo Switch release of Super Mario 3D World, but again nothing has been officially announced. Likewise, if this listing is real then we could see this game launch into the market at $59.99. 

In other news regarding the Nintendo Switch rumors, posts were emerging online suggesting that Nintendo would remaster several of 3D Mario titles for the Nintendo Switch. If these rumors are real then we could see the titles launch as a bundle deal with the likes of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy.

Source: Twitter