Rumor: 3D Mario Remastered Games Will Be A Bundle Release

It was just yesterday that we started to see rumors and reports online that Nintendo is working on a remastered edition of previous Mario titles. This would be a big hit in plenty of the eyes of fans as those who own a Nintendo Switch would either get a chance to replay some of their past favorites with a fresh coat of paint or potentially enjoy the games for the first time ever. However, it wasn’t stated just how these games would release into the market.

When the reports started to come out it was suggested that this would be installments released individually but that might not be the case. In a new report from VGC who has claimed sources confirmed that certain Mario titles will be released as a bundle. If these sources prove to be credible for VGC then we will see Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and lastly Super Mario Galaxy release in a bundle. That’s a decade worth of 3D Mario titles that fans could enjoy on their Nintendo Switch.

With Nintendo’s Mario franchise going on 35 years old, it’s just the start of the year of Mario. It looks like other Mario titles will be releasing in 2020 from Nintendo outside of this bundle. We may see new installments for IPs such as Paper Mario along with other enhanced editions of past video game installments. Still, we haven’t received an official comment from Nintendo regarding these rumors and speculation pieces.

Likewise, if these rumors are true, we’re deeply curious as to if things may have hit a bump due to the coronavirus. Something as big as previous Mario titles being remastered would have likely been something added into the Nintendo E3 Direct video upload. However, because E3 2020 has been cancelled, there’s no telling just when Nintendo will upload a substantial Direct video upload online.

Source: VGC