Rumor Claims Nintendo Will Be Releasing Remastered Mario Games


Nintendo has several beloved IPs but they may be best known for Mario and this year we are looking at the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Fans who enjoy the Mario franchise but missed out on some of the past installments may be in for a pleasant surprise this year. A new rumor from VGC has claimed that several Mario games will be remastered for this year. This should give plenty of titles not only a new chance at life through the current-generation hybrid console, but a chance for newcomers to enjoy some of the past Mario title hits.

This rumor is coming from sources connected to Eurogamer and their partnered network website VGC. If these sources are true then we may see several Mario titles from the past get a new remastered release. These supposedly include Mario 64, Mario Sunshine, and the Mario Galaxy series just to name a few. However, that’s not all for the Mario franchise, as it looks like there may be a few new video game titles in the works as well.

While we don’t know every game being developed or remastered, it was noted in the report that a new installment to the Paper Mario IP is being developed along with a new deluxe version of Super Mario 3D World. This is a big plus for fans that didn’t get a chance to play these games when the first released or will be experiencing a certain series for the first time.

Of course, when asked for a comment, the online publications were given the traditional answers from Nintendo. They simply won’t comment on rumors or speculated pieces. For now, it looks like we may be waiting for Nintendo to release a Nintendo Direct that will hopefully shred some official light on these rumors. Something this big would have likely been kept for a E3 2020 Nintendo Direct, but with E3 2020 cancelled, there’s no telling just when the announcement will actually make its way into the market.

Source: VGC