Hitman 3: Place The Golden Idol & Summon A Talking Hippo In This Bizarre Berlin Easter Egg

2021 is already getting weird thanks to this bizarre Easter egg hidden in Hitman 3. The series has always had Easter eggs, like the ghostly murder scene in Hitman 3: Contracts, or transforming everyone into Pink Flamingos in Hitman 2. But this is both bizarre and a little creepy.

The Easter egg is found in the Berlin: Apex Predator mission. There’s a huge outdoor area that’s seemingly unused on the map, with a mysterious chair emanating an eerie fog. Placing a special item on that chair and sitting down summons something from the depths below. You can check out all the details (and pictures) below to pull this very strange secret off yourself.

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To activate this Easter Egg, you need to acquire the Gold Idol in Berlin. Start the map, then go down to Hirschmuller’s Office (Level -2) and find his safe. Input the code 1-9-8-9 to unlock the safe and grab the Gold Idol.

Next, we need to find a chair in the exterior area outside the power plant / club location. South of the main facility, near the canal, there’s an old chair near a pond. Throw the Gold Idol onto the chair to summon the talking hippo.

The chair will flash and the Gold Idol will disappear. Sit down in the chair and wait for a few moments — a light will appear in the pond, and a hippo will appear. The Hippo spouts some pretty ominous dialogue too. He says “Don’t trust anyone.” a lot.

He talks to you for a long time too! He starts talking about completely inane stuff after awhile — and he seems to know a lot about 47. Is this a projection of 47’s shattered psyche? Or maybe it’s just a goofy Easter egg. Try it for yourself to see everything this weirdo hippo has to say.

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