Hitman 3 Mendoza: The Farewell | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

The final open-ended assassination mission in Hitman 3 is a doozy. Reaching your targets is tricky, and taking them out without anyone noticing can be even trickier. There are plenty of ways to navigate the massive compound, and you’ll have to be stealthy to slip past the many, many guards and reach your target without a disguise.

There are two targets this time around — one, Don Yates, schemes in his heavily guarded mansion on the top of the hill. The other is Tamara Vidal, who is accompanied by two armed guards wherever she goes. And even worse, she’s stuck watching Diana Burnwood, Agent 47’s ally. You can’t execute Vidal with a well-timed bomb or falling chandelier without hurting Diana too.

Not to worry, we’ve got a simple solution for taking out both targets in the step-by-step guide below. Here’s how to complete one of the hardest challenges in the game.

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Mendoza: The Farewell | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

No special prep for this one. But it does help to know that when replaying on Suit Only, you need to acquire your own Invitation. There is one in the circular parking lot area before the party entrance podium.

  • Required Items – Planning Phase:
    • Silenced Pistol

Yates will appear alone in this room of the villa.

Objective: Don Archibald Yates

Sneak to the Lower Gardens, then the Higher Gardens — they’re west of the main Villa where Don Yates spends most of his time. Grab a Crowbar and Villa Key from the Boat House and use the tall grass to infiltrate the Villa Backyard. Use one of the back windows to reach the Villa Foyer. Use the crowbar to break open the door the Villa Basement and wait.

Don Yates will eventually circle around and enter the Villa Foyer. Here, he’ll practice his speech without any guards present. Kill him with a headshot or whatever you prefer, and hide him in the cupboard near the fireplace. Simple!

One simple push will end this.

Objective: Tamara Vidal

Tamara Vidal walks around the party area with two bodyguards and Diana Burnwood. To get rid of the guards, distract them at the Asado (Level 3) to separate them enough, then you can subdue each guard in the Staff Only Hallway just north of the cooking pit. There’s a cupboard you can hide the bodies just to the left of the door.

Tamara walks down to the Security Room (Level 2) — once you subdue one guard, you can easily subdue the other while they’re going up / down stairs. Just drop a coin then throw a non-lethal melee weapon to knock him out.

With both guards gone, now you can walk over to the Asado (Level 3) ledge where Diana and Tamara talk. While they’re talking, you can push Tamara off the ledge. As long as nobody is looking directly at you, it will count as an Accident Kill. This can be a little tricky — if you’re unlucky, someone might see you push.

You can also just strangle her in the Staff Hallway when she walks to the Security Room. Diana is your ally, so she can witness your crimes and won’t even react.

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