Hitman 3: Unlock Every Door & Safe With These Keypad Codes | All Pass Codes List

Hitman 3 has a few new features over the other games in the rebooted series. You can use a camera to remotely hack certain panels and scan items in the maps. You can also unlock shortcuts in maps that are permanently unlocked for subsequent playthroughs. Then there are the new keypads — these electronic locks require codes to open, and thankfully these codes are exactly the same every single time you replay a level.

That means players can work together to get all the codes figured out. We were able to find almost all of the codes on our own, but we missed one or two — u/PottedPlant on Reddit shared the rest here. Now we’ve got a full compilation of keycodes you can use to crack every safe or locked door in an area. Hacker devices and crowbars won’t get you through these locks. Only these codes will do the trick.

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All Key Pad & Safe Codes List

Codes are a new feature added in Hitman 3. By interacting with keypad, you can input a four number code. These codes are always the same, so if you memorize these codes, you’ll be able to access the room / safe every time you replay a mission.

Dubai Codes

  • Security Room Safe: 6-9-2-7
  • Staff Area Doors: 4-7-0-6
  • Penthouse Bedroom Safe: 7-4-6-5

Dartmoor Codes

  • Alexa’s Office Safe: 1-9-7-5

Berlin Codes

  • Manager’s Office Safe: 1-9-8-9
  • Secret Exit Door: 1-9-9-3

Chongqing Codes

  • ICA Facility, Laundromat & Apartment Door: 0-1-1-8
  • Hush’s Lab & ICA Facility Secret Entrance: 2-5-5-2

Mendoza Codes

  • Wine Vault: 1-9-4-5
  • Villa Basement Safe: 2-0-0-6

Carpathian Mountains Codes

  • Starting Area Lab Door: 1-9-7-9

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