Hitman 3: Best Items You Need To Unlock In Hitman 1 & Hitman 2

Hitman 3 allows you to transfer your progress from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 if you already own those games on the same system. Even if you don’t already own them, you can buy them and play all the missions. Some of these missions include unique unlockables you won’t find anywhere else in the game. Weapons like a Silenced Pistol, Emetic Poison, or Lethal Poison are pretty common unlocks. But some of these pieces of indispensable gear can’t be found anywhere else.

If you’re looking for the weirdest and best tools of destruction, you might need to play through missions in Hitman 1 and Hitman 2. There’s a tranq gun that makes people sick, a hacking tool to get through electronic locks, concealable pistols, and more. Certain weapons are even removed from Hitman 3. If you’re looking to expand your inventory, these are the tools of the trade you want to get.

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Items You Need To Unlock In Hitman 1 & Hitman 2

  • Kalmer 1 – Tranquilizer: Complete all 3 Mission Story Challenges in Whittleton Creek.
    • It’s a portable tranquilizer! It’s silenced and knocks out enemies at range. Perfect for taking out guards without killing them.
  • Sieker 1: Reach Level 10 Mastery in Haven Island.
    • An even better, weirder tranquilizer pistol. Instead of tranquilizing, this pistol makes people sick when they’re hit. Seriously — it makes them rush to the toilet. Incredible for pulling guards away from their patrol routes.
  • ICA Titanium Crowbar: Complete all the Breaking And Entering challenges.
    • This incredibly useful tool can break locks and nonlethally knock out opponents. This way you don’t have to search the level for a crowbar.
  • Sieger 3000 Tactical: Reach Level 10 Mastery in Isle of Sgail.
    • Very useful Silenced Sniper Rifle. One of the easier Silenced Sniper Rifles to acquire, and absolutely important for Sniper Challenges.
  • ICA Micro Remote Explosive: Complete all 3 Mission Story Challenges in Miami.
    • One of the handiest remote explosives. This micro explosive won’t be recognized when placed — so guards won’t pick it up.
  • Electronic Key Hacker: Reach Level 7 Mastery in Isle of Sgail.
    • A one-use key hacker for unlocking doors. The only way to break through keycard locks without a keycard.
  • Custom 5mm: Reach Level 5 Master in Hokkaido.
    • Don’t miss out on this special silent pistol. Unlike other pistols, this one can be concealed during security frisks.

The Krugemeier can be earned by completing a Bangkok Escalation — but you’ll need to purchase the Escalation DLC pass. This pistol is considered the most silent in the game, but it has a very limited ammo count.

Another powerful tool is the ICA Electronic Phone. This is one of the most OP weapons in the entire game — players can plant it on the ground and shock anyone that goes near. It’s so OP that it’s been completely removed from Hitman 3, so we’re not giving it an official spot on this list.

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