Hitman 2 (2018) – Santa Fortuna: The Three-Headed Serpent | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

Become a master assassin in Hitman 2 (2018) as we continue our march through every location. Next up, we’re tackling Santa Fortuna, the Columbian village where a nefarious drug cartel rules the streets. There are three targets this time, and there’s no easy way to kill all three at the same time. Instead of showing off a speedrun, here’s the safest (and easiest) method to kill all three targets without switching out of your starting clothes.

This method can be time consuming, but it’s incredibly safe and easy to accomplish, even on the hardest difficulty. You’ll need to do a fair bit of sneaking, but once you’ve setup each target’s downfall, killing and hiding the bodies is a cinch. If you’re looking for a foolproof path to ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’, here’s all three methods you need. To make life easier, I’ll split each one into a separate section. You can tackle these targets in any order you want.

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Santa Fortuna: The Three-Headed Serpent | Silent Assassin, Suit Only Guide

There are three targets. No extra equipment is required, though you will need to acquire a crowbar if you don’t bring a lockpick.

  • Recommended Equipment: Silenced Pistol
    • Optional: Lockpick (Used In This Guide)

Begin the mission, and choose which of the three targets you want to takedown first. You can kill them in any order. Here’s the order I chose.


Target #1: Andrea Martinez

Grab the emetic rat poison from the general store next to the gas station. Go behind the store, and follow the shore path to the stairs leading to the back gate of the Martinez mansion. Use the lockpick (or crowbar) to unlock the gate.

Wait for the guard to look at the fountain, then climb up the pipe and shimmy left around to the balcony. Wait for the guards to look away from the center table, then spike the drink with the rat poison.

Now, simply backtrack. Go back to the shimmy ledge from the balcony, and climb down the pipe to access the first floor restroom. Wait for Andrea to drink and get sick. Take cover to the right of the bathroom door. Wait for her to start puking, then kill her and hide her body in the restroom trunk.

Sneak out the way you came, and you’re good to go.

Target #2: Jorge Franco

To kill Franco easily, you’ll need to acquire the Circuit Board. Go to the crash site in the deep forest, near the Shaman’s Shack. There’s a red box at the top of the climbable wall. Shoot it to drop the red box and collect the Circuit Board.

Climb the jungle wall at the crash site, and then climb down near the Coca Fields.  Enter through the left bridge, and use the tall coca plants for cover. You need to reach the large outer window of the coca processing shack. There’s a large machine inside.

Use the engine outside the processing shack to draw one of the workers out. While they’re gone, sneak inside and insert the Circuit Board into the large, nonfunctional machine. This will repair it. Quickly hide in the corner trunk.

Wait for Jorge to inspect the machine. He’ll order everyone to leave. When the guards and workers are gone, exit the trunk and push Jorge into the machine. It kills him, and hides the body. Now you can backtrack back to the village.

Target #3: Rico Delgado

Rico seems like the hardest target, but he’s actually the easiest. Go to the construction site, and follow the tall grass to the right of the bridge. On the opposite river bank, a log is tied up. Shoot the rope holding the log to create a bridge. Now you have an easy way to access Rico’s mansion.

Cross the log, sneak past the guards in the altar hallway, and enter the Hippo Pen. Knockout the sole guard and hide him in the trunk. Don’t kill him!

Grab the meat from the shelf near the trunk and toss it into the water near the hippo. This will “activate” the hippo, and the hippo trainer will come downstairs to look. Hide, and wait for him to fetch Rico. He’ll eventually return with Rico. Rico will send the trainer away, and you’ll be able to safely push Rico into the water. The hippo will kill him instantly.

Simply exit the way you came, and you can leave via the boat or bus. If you completed all the steps without getting spotted, you’ll earn a ‘Silent Assassin, Suit Only’ ranking.